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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

5 Tips To Ensure Safety In Car Insurance Transactions

5 Tips To Ensure Safety In Car Insurance Transactions

The vehicle industry has strengthened at jet dynamic speed over the last few years. It isn’t too uncommon to come across a new vehicle where some manufacturer or the other reports record sales. And the industry has seen this uptrend for quite some time now. With an increase in the number of cars on the road, the importance of car insurance only gets critical.
A valid car insurance will ensure that your vehicle is road legal to be driven around without ever being bothered. However, there is much more to a car policy than just that. You can claim for own damage, damage to third-party property or individuals and get personal accident cover as well. As more and more insurers are embracing online platforms, buying car insurance online is not a difficult thing anymore.
Renewing Your Policy
You can not only buy but also renew your car insurance policy from an online platform. The single biggest advantage comes in the form of convenience. It allows owners to sit in any part of the country or even the world and renew their policy online. Now, insurers are also offering additional benefits for car insurance renewal from their online platforms. For starters, online policies are cheaper than their offline counterpart. And you can use other websites to get a car insurance quote for your vehicle before deciding which policy to buy. A car insurance quote on a comparison website also allows you to scan through all the features and benefits that insurers have on offer. It is quite obvious that when you opt to buy car insurance online, you end up paying the premium online as well. And it is at such times, that as a policyholder, one needs to be extra careful. There are quite a few instances where things have gone wrong during this step. Thus, being aware of these mistakes and how to rectify them can be a great starting point. Here are the top mistakes and how you can avoid them.
Tips To Ensure Safety In Car Insurance Transactions 
#1 Authorized Agent
It is possible to get calls from agents and representatives from companies who sell car insurance. When you receive such calls, it is of paramount importance to ensure that they actually belong to the company that they claim to be from. If you are not too sure, it is better to hang up the call. A lot of freelancers call people to sell insurance policies for quick money. And the chances of cheating increase several folds in such cases.
#2  Avoid Outside Agents
In most of the insurance cheating cases, it is external agents who walk away with your money without you even realizing. Since they do not hold any position at the insurance company, they are most likely not afraid of any outcomes. It is recommended to buy your car insurance policy directly from the official website. Should you buy the policies from an insurance agent, insurers most likely won’t take the responsibility of the same.
#3 Proof of Transaction
There have been a few instances where policyholders do not necessarily seek for proof of the transactions. You must realize that at the end of the day, it’s your money and you have every right to get proof of where it went. It is recommended to get a copy of the payment or receipt of premium from an agent that you are dealing with.
#4 External Agent
In the event that you have already bought a policy from an external agent, it is important to call the insurance company and get confirmation. It is a good idea to check about the policy details from them. You can either call their helpline to get the information or reach out to the nearest branch to do the same. Should there be any discrepancy between the two, you must get hold of the agent.
#5 Capture Screenshots
You might face issues while making online payments for buying a car insurance policy. The best way of providing a proof that you have made the payment is to capture screenshots. You can submit these to your insurer and convey the error you might have seen while transacting online.
The Bottom Line
Online purchase of policies has certainly made the lives of car owners easier. However, there are a few instances where fraud and notorious activities have put a bad taste in the mouth of the policy buyer. Following the above steps will ensure that you do not fall prey to these common scenarios.

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