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Friday, October 18, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

7 Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

7 Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

May be you are driving the car from long time, but do you really drive properly. This question is enough to let any car owner stare you in anger, because every person considers himself as an expert driver. Well, may be because they have never got their car smashed or faced any type of mechanical problem due to proper maintenance and regular servicing. But, still they cannot be considered as an expert driver, because there are lots of driving mistakes which do unintentionally and which adversely affects the whole mechanism of their car. Some of these mistakes are referred below:
1. Ignoring the use of parking brake: It is seen that most of the car owners do not make use of the parking brake while parking, whether it is on an incline or steady surface. Continuation of this habit eventually affects the gear transmission system of their car, which is mainly controlled by a small pin known as parking pawl. The use of parking brake locks the non-drive wheels, which indirectly take the stress of the transmission system on them and thus enhances the life of car.
2. Using the brake on hilly road: If you are driving on a hilly road that is quite lengthy, then instead of using or pressing the brake whole time it is better to remove feet from the brake until there is a need of using them. Although, pressing the brake sounds safer from the safety point of view, but at the same time they affect the functionality of the brakes by heating them, and making them wear before their actually time. 
3. Washing the engine with pressure: It is seen that most of the car owners use a high power jet pipe to clean the dust from the engine. But, doing this damages the rubber seals and hoses that are used for covering the electric wires and other machines. Moreover, as the modern day engines are equipped with sensors that control their functionality, washing these sensitive components damages to the engine to a huge extent.
4. Ignoring the unusual sounds: It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the common mistakes that is performed by every car owner. The unusual sounds coming from any part of the car are an indication that something is going in that particular segment of your car and ignoring those sounds can be problematic in the future.
5. Distracted driving: It is again one of the biggest mistakes that almost every man and woman does while driving. There are lots of men who have the habit of adjusting their tie, their hairs or other items in the rear view mirror while driving. Similarly, there are lots of women who try to adjust their lipstick or eye liner during driving. This habit can be dangerous and may result in an accident and also a huge damage to your beloved car.
6. Not cleaning the interior: Unboubtedly enjoying the taste of your favorite food offers an immense pleasure while driving, but at the same time also spoils the interior of your car. Similarly, the dust elements that come inside the car through your shoes are enough to develop bacteria inside your car, which may indirectly make you sick. There are lots of car owners who do not vacuum the interior of their car for a long time and then get affected by various health problems.
7. Starting the car in a wrong way: There are lots of people who have the habit of starting their car without turning off the wipers, radio, air conditioner, temperature control and various other accessories directly in the same condition they parked it. Following this practice on the regular basis adversely impacts on the power generation efficiency of the engine. Similarly, there are lots of people who have the habit of revving the engine during the winter with an objective to warm the engine. Surprisingly, this again affects the working of the engine. When you switch on the engine, the oil does not reach the engine instantly, that means engine works without lubricant. The best way to stop the extra pressure on the engine is to smoothly switch on the car and let the lubricant reach the engine accordingly.
So, if anyone of you is also following the same practice, the before calling yourself as an expert driver try to overcome these habits.

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