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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

7 Tips To Strengthen Car Insurance Policy For Your Suv

7 Tips To Strengthen Car Insurance Policy For Your Suv

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles have seen incredible demand in recent years. We as a country love SUVs so much so, that there are different categories for the same. You can either buy the full-size SUVs, compact SUVs or mini SUVs. Depending on your needs and family size, there are various options to choose from. 
However, if you are looking to add an SUV to your garage, you must buy a car insurance policy for the same. Buying only third-party car insurance online will hardly be useful. There are a couple of reasons for it. For starters, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates all vehicles to have a valid insurance policy to be road legal. Secondly, it offers you complete peace of mind. 
Irrespective of how tough your swanky new SUV might be, it is still prone to accidents. And those are the last things that you would want on your brand-new SUV. Having a car insurance policy will ensure that you need not worry about such occurrences.
One of the smartest ways to get an insurance for your SUV is to buy car insurance online. When you switch to online mode for buying your policy, there are a lot of benefits. The most prominent ones being lower premiums and better coverage. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot save further or strengthen the policy when you buy car insurance online.
The following are some tips that can help you pick up a better and a more comprehensive insurance for your SUV:
#1 Check For The No Claim Bonus Discount
The NCB or no claim bonus is an insurance jargon that you will come across more often than not. It is a discount that insurers offer if you do not claim your policy. 
For instance, if you purchased a policy for your SUV in the year 2017 and did not claim it, you would be eligible for NCB during your policy renewal in 2018. The discount starts from a minimum of 20% for the very first year and goes all the way up to 50% or five consecutive years.
Tip: Get the NCB transferred even if you change your insurer so that you save a considerable amount on the premium amount.
#2 Opt For A Zero Depreciation Cover For Your Suv
A zero-depreciation cover is an add-on that you can use along with your vehicle insurance policy. If you wish to claim your policy, insurers usually consider the depreciated value of parts and spares. Thus, you end up paying the difference between the current market price and the depreciated value. However, with this cover, insurers will consider the current market value meaning that you receive the amount without any deductions.
Tip: You must opt for a zero-depreciation cover for the first 5 years of the car insurance policy because beyond that you cannot opt for the same. This is a superb option for your SUV since claim amounts are usually on the higher side.
#3 Roadside Assistance Cover For Your Suv
It can be quite daunting if you are stuck in some place without access to any mechanics or service stations. The emergency assistance cover ensures that if you are stuck due to issues such as empty fuel tank, loss of key, need of a jump start, minor repairs etc. can be taken care of. 
Tip: This cover would come handy in case you drive your SUV on a daily basis, especially on your own. So, this is an essential add-on for a self-driven SUV car.
#4 Engine Protection Cover
Given the current state of the country with frequent floods and cyclones, the engine protection cover is something that you should consider for your SUV. This add-on ensures that you need not worry about any damage to the engine or gearbox, including the labor costs.
Tip: This cover comes handy if you stay in an area prone to waterlogging.
#5 Conveyance Allowance
In the event that your vehicle is in the service center or garage for repair, you will end up not having a ride for a few days. This cover takes care of that. Should you opt for this, your insurer will reimburse the conveyance expenses.
#6 Consumable Cover
During normal servicing or repairs, consumables constitute a considerable part of the final bill that you end up paying. This add-on ensures that you need not worry about paying for consumables such as nuts, washers, greases, lubricants, bearings, sealants etc. The only thing to keep in mind is that you buy third-party insurance online, you cannot avail this cover. You must buy a comprehensive policy to avail the benefits.
#7 Accessories
Whether you want to improve the performance of your SUV or its aesthetics, accessories will help you do the same. However, one must not forget that reporting these accessories to your insurer is important. Some insurers offer add-ons for accessories such as LCD screen, GPS tracker, etc. so that you can drive your SUV without any worries. However, these are not available if you opt for a third-party car insurance online.
By adding some of these add-ons to your policy, you will be able to greatly enhance your SUV’s capabilities. Thereby, ensuring maximum protection for your latest purchase.

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