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Friday, September 14, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car (Part 1)

Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car (Part 1)

Car market across the world is filled with remarkable accessories that are endorsed to offer comfortable travelling experience to the passengers. But, are all accessories relevant for car is a matter of concern? Because, sometimes it is seen that in the desire of making their car more attractive and impressive, the car owners install accessories that could prove to be harmful to their car. Well, this might be surprising for you, but it is true and therefore, before, installing different accessories, it would be better to understand the accessories and their pros and cons.
1. Steering Wheel Covers: To drive the vehicle with full confidence lots of car owners, cover the steering wheel to enjoy comfortable grip while driving. Doing this can be dangerous because a poorly developed cover for steering might result in losing the control over the vehicle. This is mainly due to the ergonomic design of the steering wheel which is according to the engine configuration of the vehicle and do not requires any type of further modifications. Anyhow, if you wish to cover the steering wheel to retain good grip while driving, in that it would be better to get some tight fitting cover on it.
Steering Wheel Cover
2. Steering Spinners: Similar to steering wheel covers, installing spinners on the wheel could also be a dangerous option. Although, spinners help in moving the steering wheel in desired direction more quickly but, installing such spinners are not recommended by the original car manufacturer. Moving ahead, driving the car at high speed with spinners installed at its steering wheel can hurt the hands of driver, also, there are chances that might stuck in the sleeves of the shirt.
Steering Spinner
3. Roof-mounted video player: Installing a video player at the roof inside the cabin is good enough to divert the attention of driver while driving. Today, there is a plethora of various luxurious cars that have company fitted video players installed in them, but interestingly, they are programmed in such a way that video player can only work when the car is parked or not moving. But, installing aftermarket video player can distract the driver and might result in an accident.
Roof Mounted Video Player
4. Additional electrical items: Installing the aftermarket electric accessories need to change the wiring installed already by the manufacturer. Doing this can be harmful for the mechanism of the car as it might result in the creation of extra heat, which in excess can result in fire accidents.
After market Electricals

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