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Friday, September 28, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car (Part 2)

Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car (Part 2)

Undoubtedly, accessories are the best way to enhance the aesthetics of your car, but sometimes they can be harmful not only for your car but also for your life. This, although, sounds quite surprising at first instance but studies have proven that installing non-compatible accessories could be harmful. Therefore, continuing our last blog titled “Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car (Part 1), today we shall be discussing few more accessories, which if installed in your car could be dangerous for you.
Inexpensive Floor Mats: Undoubtedly, floor mats are mainly kept below the feet, but still they play a crucial role in protecting your car from any unexpected damage, especially if they are not compatible to the size of your car’s floor. The unmatched floor mat can stuck in the brake, clutch pedal or in an accelerator, thus resulting in a severe accident. This can be understood from the video referred below.

Showpieces kept in the rear tray: There are lots of car owners who prefer to keep showpieces like the soft toys or on the rear shelf parcel tray. Placing these items in excessive number may block the view of the rear mirror due to which it is not possible for the driver to get an idea about the vehicles coming behind him. Moreover, these items may even hit the people sitting at the rear seats.
Seatbelts: Although, seat belts are considered as imperative accessories from the safety point of view, installing aftermarket seat belts can result in the damage of life. There are lots of people who prefer to install aftermarket seat belts hooks rather than the original ones in the desire to save money. But, sometimes these hooks stuck during the situation of an emergency and stop the occupants to get free from their seat for coming out.
Flashing headlamps and tail lamps: Some car owners have the practice of installing flashing headlamps and tail lamps at the front and rear fascia of their car, this could distract the attention of commuters. To avoid such chances of accidents it is better to not install such lights.
Colored Headlamps
Black kits for Headlamps: Sometimes in the desire of giving a sportier look to their vehicle most of the car owners install black kits across the housings for front headlamps and fog lamps. This although satisfies, their objective, but at the same time stop the light from proper functioning, especially during the night, the front headlamps are not able to light with full focus, which could be dangerous while driving at the highway.
Black Kits for Headlamps
So, now next time if you plan to install extra accessories into your car, then it would be better to think twice about the accessories that you are planning to install for enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle.

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