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Friday, November 10, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing the seat belts

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing the seat belts

In recent years technology of car manufacturing has undergone vast and dynamic changes making the cars of today’s generation miles ahead from their predecessors.  The cars developed are not only technically advanced but also safe as compared to the cars of yester years. The changes in technology of the car manufacturing can be witnessed from the fact that after undergoing successful testing of self-driven car, most of the car manufacturers have initiated the testing of flying car. On the basis of these developments it can be said that the day is not very far when traveling in the car will emerge as one of the safe and quickest mode of transportation.
Seat Belt
Among integration of various technical features car makers across the world are also concerned about the integration of safety features in the cars that are being manufactured in today’s date. Going through this concern some of the car makers have already started equipping the car with appropriate airbags as standard feature across their entire range of cars. But, integration of airbags is not an assurance that you will be protected in case of an unfortunate collision, until unless you do not have put on the seatbelt determined for your seat. Because if you are not wearing the seatbelt you might be thrown out from the car in case of crash. This was recently revealed in the study conducted by country’s leading car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The study was conducted within the 17 cities of the country titled as “Seatbelt Use in India”. The results revealed in the study are quite surprising, and also reveal the importance of wearing seatbelt while travelling in the car.
 According to the study, despite of the fact that there are separate seat belts for all passengers travelling in a car only the driver used to wear the seatbelt. The study reveals interesting travelling habits of the passengers moving in the car. It is seen that car drivers in the southern part of India do not prefer to wear the seat belt. From the study it is proven that only by strictness the wearing of seat belt drivers and passengers can be compelled to wear the seatbelt.
Advantages of wearing the seatbelt
1. The utmost advantage of wearing the seatbelt is that it can protect you from injuries and death during the crash. Because even if the airbags of your car open on time there are chances that without wearing the seatbelt you might be thrown out of the car or might get injury from the accessories installed in the car.
2. Wearing the seatbelt can protect you from hitting the windshield.
Disadvantages of wearing the seatbelt
1. There are lots of passengers who complain about being injured due to seatbelt in case of crashes.
2. Despite of the fact that you are an expert driver, you cannot control the driving habits of other drivers and they can hit your car resulting in damage to your body and life.
Conclusion: In simple words it can be said that despite of vast developments in the field of integrating different types of safety measures, integration of seat belt will always be the necessary to control the loss of human life to huge extent.

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