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Friday, September 09, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Are Indian Roads Deadliest In World? (Part-1)

Are Indian Roads Deadliest In World? (Part-1)

The recent demise of the former Tata Sons CEO, Cyrus Mistry, has again raised a question about the quality of Indian roads. Every year the government invests a huge amount of its budget for developing quality roads. Despite this, the number of road accidents in India is higher in the entire world. Comparing the data of road accidents between 2020 and 2021 there is an increase of almost 12 per cent in the number of road accidents in 2021. Unfortunately, there are no signs of improvements to control such incidents.
While talking about the increasing number of accidents and the condition of roads, lack of awareness about traffic rules is also one of the reasons behind the accidents. Recently, the Minister of Road and Transport, Government of India, Nitin Gadkari, also expressed his concerns on this. Referring to the figures mentioned in the report published by the International Road Federation, the Minister of Road and Transport discussed the reasons for deaths in road accidents. The Minister expressed his concerns regarding the absence of road safety knowledge among people. As an immediate action, the Minister of Road and Transport, said, the government is going to make seatbelts mandatory for rear-seat passengers. The government will also instruct the car manufacturers to install seat-belt reminders for all passengers.
How Seatbelts Can Protect During An Accident? During an accident, a driver and passengers can get shaken from their seats and get their bodies hit by each other and the interior of the vehicle. Putting the seatbelts ensures that whatever the situation is, everyone inside the car remains in his place while the force is dispersed to stronger organs of the body. This reduces the chances of the body being hit by the steering wheel, windshield, or rear passengers getting hit by the front seaters, side doors, or dashboard. Although the airbags are prone to protect the body, the seatbelt works as the first step toward safety.

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