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Friday, March 19, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

 Are Kids More Aware Of Road Safety Than Adults?

Are Kids More Aware Of Road Safety Than Adults?

Children are the future of every nation, and therefore we need to make them learn good habits from childhood for the growth of our nation. This process of learning begins from home because of the atmosphere which a child receives at his home, he behaves like it. Among different habits which play an incredible role in the personal development of a child, road safety is also one to which we need to pay attention from the very beginning.
If a question regarding how many of us are aware of road safety? All of us will agree that we are well aware of it. Well, if this is, then why the number of people dying in road accidents is increasing every year? It is mainly because we exactly do not know what road safety is? We should understand it is not restricted to only personal care on the road but also taking care of the commuters.
Keeping this thing in concern nowadays there are lots of schools, which are focussing on teaching their students the importance of road safety and including it as an important subject in their course. It would be interesting to know that this initiative is exhibiting positive impacts and children are getting aware of traffic rules. To know this recently a study was conducted on the children below the age of 10 years to know for assessing their knowledge about road safety.
Some of the questions asked from these kids were:
  1. How do they cross the road?
  2. What is zebra crossing?
  3. What should they do if they see yellow light turned on the road?
  4. Why should they switch off the engine of their vehicle when the red light is on?
  5. How a person should wear the mask properly?
The answers to these questions given by these children were amazing and surprising. It can be said that they are well-versed about the traffic rules than compared to their parents.
  1. They look left and right while crossing the road and hold the hand of their parents.
  2. The zebra crossing is used by the people for crossing the road when the vehicles are stopped at the traffic light.
  3. The yellow light means they should slow the speed of their vehicle for stopping at the red light.
  4. Switching off the vehicle at the red lights saves the fuel.
  5. The nose and the mouth should be properly covered while wearing a mask. 

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