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Friday, September 18, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Are You Aware Of These Car Services?

Are You Aware Of These Car Services?

Servicing is an essential activity that is necessary for every car to undergo after a specific interval of time or after it has been driven for the specified number of kilometers. Keeping different factors in concern the car manufacturers determine a service schedule for each car which is expected to be followed by its owner. Getting the car serviced according to the schedule helps in enjoying flawless service and also protects the owner from unusual expenses on its maintenance.
While servicing the damaged components are replaced, the necessary fluids are upgraded according to their condition followed by the inspection of various components to ensure that all of them are in good condition. As a general practice, three types of services are provided by service stations, for different types of packages are offered by them depending upon the service acquired by the car owner. The three types of car services offered by the service stations are Interim, Comprehensive, and Major.
Interim Service: This service is mainly conducted for the vehicles that are driven more than 20,000 miles annually and require an annual service once in a year. This type of service is often known as ‘Basic’ or ‘Bronze’ service.  The major services conducted include an oil change, oil filter change, and inspection of various components like tyres, lights, horn, and windscreen wipers. Other services include replacing or upgrading the engine oil, brake oil, and various other fluids and the extensive inspection of all the components to ensure there is no leakage of fluids or gases.
Comprehensive Service: This service is mainly recommended for all types of car at-least once a year or completion of 12,000 miles, whichever is earlier. This type of service is mainly required for the car owners in urban areas who drive the car to their workplace and other nearby places in their city. This includes a comprehensive check-up of all the components and points, so that the damaged party may be repaired or replaced according to their condition. The major components checked during this type of service  are:
  1. Air filter change
  2. Replacing the spark plugs (in petrol)
  3. Replacing the fuel filter (in diesel)
  4. Inspection of brakes.
  5. Wheel bearings and shock absorber inspection.
  6. Electrical components like alternator, battery, etc.
  7. Radiator and coolant hose inspection.
  8. Checking the air conditioning system.
Major Service:  This type of service is mainly conducted every two years or when the vehicle has been driven for more than 24,000 miles. This service is mainly conducted one year after the comprehensive service. Besides the replacement of damaged components and fluid upgrades, it also includes the replacement of brake fluid and cabin filter. Replacing the brake fluid helps in retaining the full control over brakes while replacing the cabin filter retains the good quality of air inside the cabin.

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