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Friday, May 05, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Be Alert: Your parents are watching you with new riding device

Be Alert: Your parents are watching you with new riding device

Riding bike at the speed of not less than 100 kmph might be a nightmare for you, but it may be the chance of exhibiting his riding skills for your children and despite of your instructions he might be ignoring them in your absence. But now all this is going to be the tale of yester years because five students of final year Diploma in Automobiles from PES Polytechnic College, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore have developed a fool-proof device that will automatically send alerts to the traffic control room if it finds that the rider is riding over the speed or harshly in the area with heavy traffic.
Gyro Sensor
Anyhow at present the device has ability of sending alerts only to the parents whose children have the habit of riding their two wheelers at high speed or who feel proud in front of their friends by riding their vehicles at jet speed. Not only this if any of your friend, relative or neighbor has hired your vehicle and riding it harshly then also you will get notification about it. At present the device has been developed to send alerts only to the parents by can be further upgraded to send the alerts to the traffic control room to follow the traffic violator and punish him accordingly.
To detect the rider riding harshly at roads a gyro sensor will be installed in two wheeler to keep watch on the riding habits of the rider. Whenever the vehicle will bend above 110 degrees or less than 70 degrees it will send an alert to the micro-controller unit and which later forwards the alert to parents or the owner of vehicle. Interestingly, after sending alert the device automatically switches of the ignition also few minutes. 
As far as gyro sensor is concerned it is a device that recognizes the angular velocity of the vehicle, that changes depending upon the rotational angle per unit of time. Moving ahead the device is also capable of detecting the working of poor engine functions, for this a temperature sensor has been placed close to the engine. And whenever engine gets overheated because of any mechanical problem, the temperature sensor transits a signal to the microcontroller unit which sends an alert to the rider in form of the buzzer and then automatically stops the bike.
Along with these features the device is also capable of tracking the poor braking system with the help of infrared sensor. For this the output of micro-controller unit is attached to the alarm and with interactive voice response system. Whenever the brake pressure is applied at the lower side a signal is sent and the control system instantly stops the engine protects the rider from an unexpected accident.
Commenting about device the students said that it has been developed on the real life experiences which are faced by layman and which in turn are responsible for severe accidents sometimes resulting in the loss of life.

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