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Friday, July 08, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Car Components On Verge of Damage In Monsoon Due To Potholes

Car Components On Verge of Damage In Monsoon Due To Potholes

The monsoon has almost landed in all the regions of the country relaxing people from hot waves. With the arrival of the monsoon, people have started going for picnics at nearby destinations. This offers them the privilege of spending quality time with their family and friends. In simple words, it is the season where it is greenery all around, offering a soothing view to every person.
Well, if you are also planning to go for a picnic with your family, then be a little bit alert. Because due to rains the top layer of almost all the roads has left its place developing medium to deep potholes. Some of these potholes are very deep and invisible due to water clogging. As people are unaware of them they fall into these potholes and get their vehicles damaged resulting in expensive repairs. The components which may damage due to these holes are:
Exhaust System: Located beneath the rear fascia, the exhaust system is at the highest verge of any damage than other components. Small cars, especially hatchbacks are at more risk for severe damage due to potholes. In case of severe damage to the exhaust system, you may feel the loss of power or hazardous gases moving inside the cabin of your car, making it risky for your health. 
The Suspension System: The suspension system plays an important role in offering comfort travelling experience during long drives. Unfortunately, deep potholes can also damage the suspension system of your car if hit severely. If you notice unusuality while driving, get the issue detected by an expert technician. The problems that you may face due to a damaged suspension system are misalignment, broken ball joints, and damage to shocks and struts. Along with this, you may also face the problems like uneven wear on the tyres of the car, steering wheel pulling, and disturbed handling.
Tyres: Although all the components of your car play an important role while driving but only tyres come in contact with the road. Therefore, they are at the highest risk of major damage, even if there aren’t any potholes on road. Inspect the tyres of your car at regular intervals and check for their tread, bulges on sidewalls, and air pressure. While driving during rains make sure there is an appropriate pressure on tyres and they are not flattened. 
Wheels: The rim of the wheel can also damage due to potholes and create a problem while driving. Driving a car with a damaged or cracked rim is always risky. If you notice any bent in the rim of your car get it checked by an experienced technician and if required get replaced immediately without any delay. 
Keep these factors in concern while going out for a picnic on a rainy day. 

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