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Friday, November 13, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 2)

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 2)

Car maintenance is a vital task to enjoy the flawless drive of your car for the years to come. Unfortunately, there is a myth among people that cleaning the car regularly from exterior and interior is enough to maintain its good condition. This is half-truth and helps only in retaining the looks of your car and keep it looking new for a long time. Car maintenance is a broad term and refers to the overall maintenance of the car including its mechanical and physical aspects.
Going through this reason we have initiated the series of car maintenance tips to enjoy the longevity of your car. Continuing our first blog, today we will discuss a few more tips to boost the longevity of the car.

Tire-Pressure: It is seen that lots of car owners do not pay attention towards the pressure of their car tires and drive it even at low pressure, which becomes a major reason for most of the accidents according to a study. Moving ahead driving with the inflated tires also affects the fuel-efficiency and handling. Don’t wait for anyone or a mechanic for checking the pressure of your car tires get it done yourself at least every fortnight. Also remember that like inflated tires, over-inflated tires can also result in an accident. To know more about the tire pressure you should read the owner’s manual guide offered at the time of purchase.

Checking the Tire Pressure


Rotate the Tires and get them Aligned: Get the tires of your car rotated and aligned once you have driven between 5,000 and 8,000 miles. Doing this not only improves the life of tires but also the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Rotate and Align the Tires

Check the Tires: If you are habitual of going for the long drives during the weekend, then make it a duty to check the condition of your car tires regularly. Because tires used during the long trips are prone to more damage than the tires driven regularly for short trips. A small crack in the tire is enough to spoil your journey. Make sure that there nothing fixed in the tire which could damage it. To avoid such a problem it is better to check the tires before starting the long trip.
Replace the Damaged Tires: If you notice any cut in the tires or the weaken depth of the tread get the tire replaced immediately without wasting much of your time.
Spare Tire: It is seen that the people do not pay attention to the condition of the tire given in spare and do not get its pressure checked at the time of filling pressure in the rest of the tires. Doing this can create a problem in the situation where you have to replace the tire between your journey. Because in that scenario that spare tire is your true friend to help you in finishing your journey without any trouble. Therefore make it a practice of checking its condition and filling pressure in it at the time of filling pressure in the rest of the tires.
Don’t Overload Your Vehicle: For lots of the car owners, their car is a multi-purpose vehicle which not only offers comfortable travel experience to the passengers but also capable of loading all types of heavy items. The overload not only imbalances the vehicle but also puts an extra load on the tires and becomes responsible for damaging them.

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