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Friday, December 04, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 5)

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 5)

Car maintenance is not a daunting task if you are a smart car owner and understand the alerts sent by your car before any of its components fails. Besides, car maintenance also depends on how effectively you take care of various components and spend some time to look after them in the same as you take of your health.
Well, continuing our series Car Maintenance Tips for the Longevity of Your car, today we shall be talking about the taking care of the front and rear lights. It is seen that lots of car drivers do not pay attention to the lighting system of their car and keep on driving with one light on or rear lights not working properly. Doing this can be dangerous and may become a reason for a severe accident while driving in the night on a highway. On the contrary, a little endeavour is enough to prolong the life of the lighting system installed in your car. Some of the simple tips to let you enjoy the improved performance of the lighting system installed in your car are mentioned below:
1. Clean the Front Bulbs Regularly: While driving the exterior components of your car have to cope with all types of environmental conditions, which results in piling of dust and dirt on them. The elements of dust and dirt affect the visibility of the front lights. The problem is that the impact of light is not noticed immediately, as it is noticed on the windshield, due to this lots of drivers drive for long miles without having any idea of low illumination. To avoid this problem it is better to clean with a smooth cotton towel at least once a fortnight.
Cleaning the Headlights
2. Check the Illumination: Although, if certainly one of the headlights get dim or stops working, then you can drive safely with the light of either side working properly. This, however, doesn’t mean that it is safe to drive with the lights of another side, because in that scenario you are not able to receive the required illumination from your headlights which is suitable for driving in the night. To check the illumination of lights park your vehicle behind any other vehicle or in front of a reflective obstacle and switch on both the headlights and check their status. 
3. Check the Clouding and Yellowing: It is one of the important factors to ensure the age of your car, especially at the time when you are selling it. The buyers of a used car normally judge the age of your car by checking its headlights. If the lights are clouds or have turned yellow, it assumed that your car is too old. To restore the headlights to their default condition by using the headlight restoration system. If it is not working properly, you should replace it immediately. 
4. Replace the Bulbs Together: It is seen that most of the car owners replace the dim bulb of the headlight in case it starts creating a problem. This although provides you with the privilege of improved visibility, but do not offers you the actual visibility required for driving. Because, the new bulb is fresh and therefore will offer brighter light, than the older bulb installed on the other side. Thus, to enjoy clear visibility and illumination it is recommended to replace both the bulbs at the same time.
5. Alignment: If you think that only the tires of your needs an alignment then you are mistaken because the headlights too need an alignment. Sometimes due to an accident, the lights get misaligned or they are misaligned while driving on the rough roads for the long run. To know whether the headlights are aligned properly or not, you should visit the technician and get them aligned properly.
Headlight Alignment

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