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Friday, December 18, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 7)

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 7)

Having an air conditioner in the car is not less than a boon while driving during the hot summer afternoons. But, it is seen that lots of motorists do not pay attention to its maintenance and keep on using it without taking a breath, which adversely impacts its working efficiency. For them, an air conditioner is a fixed accessory which will never deteriorate. Whereas the fact is that due to regular wear and dear during the peak season there is a substantial decline in the performance of air conditioner after two-three years of its configuration in a new car.
Moreover, as an air conditioner also works as a heater during the peak winter season, the decline in its performance is obvious. Going through this reason it is necessary to get it serviced regularly, mainly during the summer season. Understanding the relevance of an air conditioner in a car, in our today's series of Car Maintenance Tips for the Longevity of Your car we will discuss the tips of maintaining the performance of the air conditioner.
Switch it On Regularly: Well, this might sound something unusual during the winter season, but for the longevity of the air conditioner in your car it is recommended to run it regularly. In the absence of this, there will be depreciation in its performance. To avoid this problem it is advised to run a minimum of 10 minutes at least every week. While doing this ensure that its setting is adjusted at the top position. Also, do not forget to run the defroster once a week for ten minutes to enjoy its flawless performance.
Exterior Cleaning: There are some grilles below the windshield which pull the leaves that fall on the bonnet of your car, especially during the autumn. Besides this, these grills also catch all the dust particles that can move across them. These grilles are connected to the air conditioner of your car, and therefore it is possible that the dust, leaves, and debris can block the condenser.
Service it in Every 2 Years: For the smooth functioning of the air conditioner get its components lubricated and the gas upgraded during every two years. For more information, you should also read the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual. 

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