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Friday, December 25, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Car Maintenance Tips for the Longevity of Your Car (Series 8)

Car Maintenance Tips for the Longevity of Your Car (Series 8)

The concept of car maintenance is different for every car owner, some regard it as taking care of its mechanism, whereas for some it is filling fuel, pressure in tyres, etc. Well, car maintenance is a vast concept and not restricted to the tasks mentioned ahead. It also refers to its proper cleaning from the interior and exterior.
Continuing our car maintenance tips for the longevity of your car series, today we will discuss some of the tips related to the interior maintenance of a car.
Use of Vacuum Cleaner: There are lots of places inside the car seats which are cannot be cleaned through hands. Even if someone tries to clean them, it is just a waste of time. To get rid of this problem, the best way is to use a portable vacuum cleaner which can grab all types of dust particles hidden behind the far-reachable places of your car. It would be interesting to know that these portables operate with batteries.
Cleaning The Interiors: Although, having snacks while driving is fun in itself, but at the same time they put their dirty hands on different accessories which make the interior of their car look ugly and dirty. Similarly lost of car owners cover the seats of their eye-catching and expensive car seat covers, but do not pay attention towards their cleanliness, which spoils them. It is recommended to clean the interior of the car at least once in a month, this although is a little bit time-consuming but will make you feel happy when you will find the interior of your car clean and shining.
Use of Protective Cream: As you use sunscreen cream to protect your skin, similarly the interior of your car also need to cream to retain their aesthetics. Here, you might say that why there is a need to apply protective cream on the interior parts when they are already painted? You are right, but due to regular exposure in the sunlight, they get fade, dry and brittle. Even, when you open the windows the dust particles affect their brightness. To retain the brightness of the interior different types of protective creams for the interior of the car are available in the market which can be applied to different parts. Here, it would important to note that do not apply this cream on steering wheel, gear lever, and hand-brake as they will become slippery due to cream.
Headliners and Visors: The headliners and visors play an important role in offering smooth driving when the rays of sun distract you. Due to regular wear and tear, they damage and even get misplaced from their actual position. Ensure that they are placed properly and not damaged.

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