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Friday, January 08, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

 Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 9)

Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 9)

Retaining the good looks of your car not only keeps it look new and fresh for a long time but also helps you in getting value whenever you plan to sale it. Going through this reason it is imperative to look after the proper maintenance of exterior and interior portions.
Continuing our series of Car Maintenance Tips For The Longevity Of Your Car (Series 8) today we will discuss regarding the maintenance of exterior looks.
Regular Wash: If you using the car daily for your day to day travel then it is better to wash and clean it at least once a week to remove the dust, sand, and the dirt. While washing your car make sure you are not using the detergents and dish cleaners used at home for cleaning clothes and vessels. Doing this can damage the original colour of your car. Always try to wash it according to the instructions.
Annual Detailing: In simple words detailing refers to thorough cleaning of the interiors and exteriors of your car. This although is expensive than the normal wash conducted during the servicing, and plays an important role in boosting the resale value of your car. As it involves the intensive cleaning of every little point of your car, it is recommended to get it done by an expert.
Waxing the Exterior: Waxing the car helps in retaining its original shine and colour for a long time. Moving ahead it also helps in protecting the exterior of your car from the impacts of ultra-violet rays from the sun. Waxing does not let the original colour your car fade.
Parking under the Shade: There are lots of people who park their car under the shadow of a tree or under the shade of a wall to protect its colour from fading. This although is a good idea to sustain the paint of your car, but there are lots of other reasons like a windstorm, hails, or birds drop which could equally damage its exteriors. To protect the exterior of your car it is better to cover it with a strong shield. Having a garage to park the car is not less than a boon for the car owner.
Painting: Due to regular exposure to sun rays, rains, dirt, and other aspects, the fading of the car paint is a normal process. Even oxygen is also responsible for removing the colour of your car. It is therefore recommended to check the paint whenever you are free and get the paint job done immediately before it turns white. Some of the common symptoms of painting your car are discolouration, dents, scratches, peeling, and dark spots.

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