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Friday, December 11, 2015

By Carkhabri Team

Carry Christmas Tree Carefully Without Harming Your Beloved Car

Carry Christmas Tree Carefully Without Harming Your Beloved Car

Christmas is around and people across the world have started making preparations for celebrating it across the world. Where adults are busy in buying necessary household items and decorating their house children have started waiting keenly for Christmas for bringing their expected gifts and for that every children has started making the list of his/her requirements. But, apart from these preparations there is one more thing for which both children and their parents are equally making preparation and that is decorating their house with Christmas tree, which is one of the necessary parts of decoration during Christmas festival. It would be interested to know most of the children have even challenged each other that the Christmas tree of his house would be the best than Christmas tree in their group. For this, they are asking their parents to buy the most expensive and beautiful Christmas tree for their home.

Christmas Tree Carrying Tips

Interestingly days have gone back when people use to decorate Christmas tree grown and decorated at their home, today huge number of Christmas trees are sold throughout the world and this number is increasing every year. But, carrying Christmas tree from shop to home is not an easy task, as not only you have to take care of Christmas tree but you also have to look after your car, which might get damaged during transportation or may damage the car going ahead of you. Although, the shop from where you buy your Christmas tree have team of experts who expertise in job of properly packaging Christmas tree on your car, but still there are some precautions which you should keep in concern while carrying Christmas tree to your home.

  1. Before you buy a Christmas tree make sure about the space available in your car to carry it. If you are planning to carry your tree on the roof of your car make sure that you also carry substantial cord to wrap it strongly so that your tree do not falls or gets disturbed from its position while crossing over rugged roads. Also make sure that all hooks of your car’s roof are screwed tightly;
  2. Make sure that shopkeeper has properly packed your Christmas tree that it is easier for you to carry inside your car. If you are carrying tree on the roof of your car, make sure that its top portion is placed towards front fascia of your car.
  3. Whether you carry your tree inside your car or carry it on the roof, it would be better to cover the area with plastic cover or blanket to protect your car from the scratches.
  4. Drive your car slowly under the controlled speed. It would be better to ignore driving to home from highway, if you do not have practice of carrying some heavy goods at the roof of your car. The fast speed of fellow vehicles might impact your car’s centre of gravity and you might even lose control on your vehicle during some emergency conditions.
  5. The best way to protect your car from any damage while carrying a Christmas tree is to hire a truck, so neither your car will be damaged nor your tree will damage during transportation.

These simple tips will not only help you while carrying the beautifully decorated Christmas tree to your home but even your child may win the bet with his friends for having the best Christmas tree decorated at his home.

Merry Christmas..!!!

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