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Friday, September 22, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Cars Parked at the Yard of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Cars Parked at the Yard of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Recently Indian Prime Minister Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi celebrated his 67th birthday like other normal days of his daily schedule but the citizens of the country are keen to know about not only about his every move but also about his personal life. Since the days of as Chief Minister of the Gujarat Prime Minister Narendra Modi is recognized as the diplomatic politician across the world, who likes to replies his critics from his work rather than talking with them. But apart from politics what are the other interests of our honorable Prime Minister are not known to anyone, and moreover like most of the politicians do he also prefers to travel in luxurious cars or has some common cars parked in his yard. 
To find the answer to this question today we are trying to list out the cars in which the Prime Minister prefers to visit. It would be interested to know that when the Prime Minister Modi was the Chief Minister of the Gujarat state he used to travel in Mahindra Scorpio which still is his first preference, but apart from this he also has great collection parked in his yard for traveling. Here one thing which needs to be highlighted is that the Special Protection Group is responsible to make sure that the car in which the Prime Minister travels is equipped with necessary safety features. So now let us have the looks of cars liked by the Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi.
1. Mahindra Scorpio: Since his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mahindra Scorpio has been the first preference of the Prime Minister. If said that Mahindra Scorpio has been the synonym of Prime Minister then the persons close to him will definitely agree with it. The love of PM Modi towards Scorpio can be witnessed from the fact that he traveled to Rashtrapati Bhawan to swear as the Prime Minister of India in the same Mahindra Scorpio that is empowered with 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine and boosts the power of 120 bhp and torque of 260 Nm. It comes with five speed manual gearbox with all wheel drive option.
Mahindra Scorpio
2. BMW 7 Series 760 Li High Security Edition: Despite of the fact that the Mahindra Scorpio available for PM Modi is equipped with all safety measures, the SPG has decided to include the German made BMW 7 Series in the arsenal of PM’s vehicle. The 7 Series is capable to bear the attacks from handguns, bombs and different types of automatic weapons including AK-47. It is also equipped with 20 inch bullet proof alloy wheels with flat tyres, internal oxygen supply kit to protect the occupants in case of gas attack, self sealing fuel tank to protect from explosions.
BMW 7 Series
3. 2010 Range Rover HSE: When it comes to the safety of Prime Minister the SPG do not wants to leave any stone unturned towards its responsibilities and therefore recently it added 2010 Range Rover HSE is the brigade of vehicles available for the PM Modi to travel. Under the hood it is energized with 5 litre V8 engine that is capable of generating the power of 375 bhp. Needless to say that this SUV is enriched with all contemporary safety measures that are integrated to protect the PM from any damage. 
2010 Range Rover HSE
4. Air India One AIC001: Since the time Mr. Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India he has been traveling a lot within and across the nation and therefore to offer him complete security while he is flying SPG has chosen AIC001 for his air travel. The AIC001 is equipped with plethora of self protection systems including missile approaching warning, radar warning receivers and counter measure system. Along with the aircraft is capable of shooting the heat seeking and radar guided missiles. Apart from this it also embellishes special shield that protects the electronics on the board from electromagnetic pulse during nuclear blast.
Air India One AIC001

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