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Friday, October 11, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Cars That Are Highly Loved By The Women

Cars That Are Highly Loved By The Women

Although most of the men love their cars more than any other expensive assets owned  by them and do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to its maintenance, but the truth is that the final decision of buying the car is finally made by their spouse. In fact, going through the diplomacy of women, affecting the decision of buying the car, most of the men are not able to buy they actually wish to buy. This is mainly because, where the men prefer to buy a car that looks rugged and powerful in terms of power generation efficiency, while the women mainly prefer the car that looks attractive and impressive and concerned about its performance or other mechanical aspects.
In short, it can be said that women are mainly influenced by the notion of “chick cars”  with some cute factor that grabs their attention. Here is the list of some cars that are highly liked by most of the women, just because of their fascinating looks. Beginning from the top, the cars liked mostly by the women are mentioned below:
Volvo S40: Although, the small executive family car has been discontinued by the Swedish car maker back in 2012, but during its existence between 1995 and 2012, the compact car dominated the segment across the world. 
Volvo S40 Front Low View
Honda CR-V: Introduced back in the middle of the 90’s decade the compact by the Japanese car maker Honda Motors was the biggest hit at the time of its launch. It was the best combination of fuel efficiency, cost effectiveness, functionality and practicality. However, with the entrance of the new infants in the segment it lost its attraction to some extent, but still it is highly liked by the particular segment of the buyers.
Honda CR-V
Toyota RAV4: Introduced back in 1994 the SUV RAV4 was the game changer for the Japanese car maker that helped in strengthening its position in the SUV segment across the globe. The success of SUV can be realized by the fact, that despite of the new entrants it is preferred by the buyers who prefer to buy a vehicle with a perfect combination of impressive looks, performance and cost effectiveness.
Toyota RAV4
Volkswagen Beetle: The convertible sports car is also one of the cars that is liked by most of the women, just because of its looks.
Volkswagen Beetle
Nissan Rogue: Introduced  back in 2008, the SUV from the Japanese car maker is equipped with a plethora of features including stability and traction control, independent suspension system, anti lock braking system and many more. The sporty looks, easy handling, fuel efficiency are other features that make it the choice of the women. 
Nissan Rogue Front Low View
Besides, these above mentioned cars, there are lots of cars that are liked by the women across the world, just because of their looks and have nothing to do with the power and performance.

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