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Friday, October 12, 2018

By Carkhabri Team

Cars That Dominated The Indian Car Industry And Should Make A Come Back

Cars That Dominated The Indian Car Industry And Should Make A Come Back

Despite of the fact that the cars of today’s generation are embellished with a plethora of remarkable features, but still there are some names in car industry that dominated the Indian car market for decades, and even today they are remembered by the car enthusiasts. The craze of these cars among people can be realized from the fact, that even today, they are waiting for these car names to come back. Some of the renowned names that ruled the Indian car industry are referred below:
Hindustan Ambassador: The collaboration of Indo-Japanese car makers Maruti Suzuki India Limited, was the landmark in the history of Indian car industry that paved the way for other car manufacturers to think for launching their products in India. The dominance of the Ambassador car could be realized from the fact that apart from being used as a Taxi by the masses, it was one of the highly preferred cars by politicians. But, as the time passed and with the arrival of new players in the market, the family car started losing its charms among the people and due to poor sales was rolled out by the makers. However, after it was taken over by Peugeot at the cost of Rs. 80 crore and is believed to make a come back again in the Indian car market by 2020.
Hindustan Ambassador Front Low View
Maruti Suzuki Zen: The Indo-Japanese car maker Maruti Suzuki is regarded as the game changer in the Indian car industry that successfully dominated the market for more than three decades and continues to retain its top position. The Zen, hatchback, launched by the company was a complete family car with smooth handling and recognized for its super zen carbon. It is believed that soon the company might introduce the Zen again in the market to compete against its strong contender Hyundai, who is bringing back its best selling hatchback Santro, in the Indian car market in coming months.
Maruti Suzuki Zen Front Low View
Maruti Suzuki Esteem: At the time when Indo-Japanese car maker MSIL introduced the sedan Esteem in the Indian car market back in 1995, it was regarded as the car of rich people and became the symbol of luxuriousness. The sedan was however, was phased out from the market in 2007, due to poor sales and the launch of Dzire compact sedan. But, now with Baleno name emerging as one of the highly preferred name in the segment of luxurious hatchbacks, after comeback, it is speculated that soon we can see the Esteem logo mounted back on the rear of new initiative by the MSIL.
Maruti Suzuki Esteem
Mahindra Armada: The first ever SUV launched by the domestic car maker Mahindra & Mahindra succeed in receiving the equal appreciation from both the urban and rural buyers, who at that time had the option of Commander. However, with changing time, the Armada was updated into Armada Grand and finally as Mahindra Bolero. It is believed that despite of naming its vehicles ending with “O” the Mahindra and Mahindra might introduce Armada back in the market.
Mahindra Armada Front View
Tata Sierra: The name of Sierra is almost a forgotten name in the current scenario but had witnessed the golden days of its legacy at the time it was introduced in the market. Although, the SUV was further upgraded with the turbocharged engine, but going through the scarcity of spare parts, the company decided to phase it out. But, now with increasing craze of people towards SUV’s and vehicles from Tata Motors being appraised by the Indian car enthusiasts, it is believed that domestic car maker can re-introduce the Sierra with upgraded engines and features.
Tata Sierra

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