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Friday, February 05, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Cars Which Unfortunately Could Not Enjoy the Expected Success in India

Cars Which Unfortunately Could Not Enjoy the Expected Success in India

During the last two decades, the Indian car market has emerged as one of the highest growing markets for car manufacturers across the world. Going through this reason whenever any new car is launched in the International market its same version is also launched in India after a few months, keeping the Indian driving conditions in concern. As an impact of this practice today you can some of the International brans making their strong presence in the Indian car market during the recent years. This has offered huge options in front of car buyers to buy the car of their choice according to their budget.
Unfortunately, at the same time, there are lots of cars which could not succeed in enjoying the expected success and were discontinued from the market after the few years of their launch. The worst thing about these cars is that there are no chances of their re-entrance in the market after removing their drawback due to which they taken-off from the market. This blog lists those cars which unfortunately now do not exist in the Indian car market.
Mahindra Quanto: The car developed by the domestic car manufacturing company Mahindra & Mahindra are recognized for their brilliant power and performance. The carmaker launched the Quanto crossover with lots of expectations but has to remove it due to poor performance and discouraging response from the buyers. The worst thing about this vehicle was the chopped looked at the rear portion, due to which it failed in impressing the buyers.
Mahindra NuvoSport: Disappointed by the performance of Quanto the domestic car leader launched its upgraded version in the form of NuvoSport. Despite being equipped with remarkable feature the vehicle again could not impress the buyer due to the same reason which was responsible for the failure of Quanto.
Mahindra Verito Vibe: The compact sedan Verito received an encouraging response from the buyers. Inspired from the success enjoyed by the Verito, the carmaker decided to bring its upgraded version in the form of Verito Vibe, which unfortunately affected the sales of its elder sibling Verito too. It would not be wrong to say that failure of Quanto, NuvoSport, and Verito Vibe affected the position of the carmaker in the Indian car market.
Renault Koleos: Despite being equipped with one of the best audio systems for the cars, the BOSE audio system, the Koleos from the French carmaker Renault failed in making its place in the hearts of Indian buyers. Although the company claimed to develop it according to the requirements of the Indian buyers, it was discontinued from the market due to poor response by the buyers.
Renault Fluence: The entry-level car launched by the French carmaker with lots of speculations could not succeed in grabbing the attention by the Indian buyers. Although the company launched its facelift version to impress the buyers, despite various efforts the company had to finally remove it.
Volkswagen Ameo: Encouraged by the increasing shift towards the compact sedan, the German carmaker Volkswagen launched the Ameo with lots of hopes and expectations. The main reason behind the failure of Ameo was almost similar to the failure of Quanto and NouvoSport, the chopped rear section.

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