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Friday, February 17, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Changes India Can Adopt From Other Countries For Road Safety

Changes India Can Adopt From Other Countries For Road Safety

Despite various efforts and awareness campaigns initiated by the government, India stands in the first position in the number of deaths happening during road accidents. Understanding the severity of the matter, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, is now working together with states to develop an improved and enhanced road and safety infrastructure to control the number of deaths and injuries during accidents.
Although, this is not as easy as it sounds and there is a need to work a lot on this. The most important thing to introducing road safety measures is to make people aware of traffic rules. It is important to make people responsible and committed to strictly following the traffic rules. With this, India also needs to learn measures adopted by some major countries in the world with a low number of deaths in road accidents.
Japan: The incidents of deaths in road accidents were at the peak in Japan till 1991. But then as an impact of road safety awareness programmes and the initiation of new laws, today Japan has the safest roads in the world.  All this has been possible through the efforts made by the government. The government of Japan conducted multiple research programmes to improve the road infrastructure and traffic management systems in the country. It is reported that driving and drinking are strictly prohibited in Japan and anyone found even with 1% of alcohol levels during the breath test while driving is sent to prison for up to 15 years. The government concentrates on controlling the number of road accidents and has marked areas that are safe for pedestrians.
Singapore: The government of Singapore has not only determined the speed limits throughout the country and made several rules to improve the safety of roads (including hefty fines and punishment for lawbreakers). The government has deployed the latest technical measures to protect drivers while driving. You will find advanced warning lights systems which keep drivers informed about traffic lights coming on their way. Along with this, “Your Speed Signs” are installed on roads to calculate and display the actual speed of vehicles.
Norway: Norway is recognized as one of the countries with safe roads. The notable feature of the traffic situation in Norway is that drivers have to keep the headlights of their vehicles switched on compulsorily, despite time and visibility. This minimizes the risk of accidents, as it is easier to locate a car with headlights turned on even during a sunny day. Rough driving and overtaking are considered an offence. Overtaking is allowed only on highways or long straight roads with sufficient visibility.
Switzerland: The country is not only known for its beautiful mountains but also ranked at the top position in safe roads. It would be interesting to know that the speed limit is much lesser than in many countries of the European continent. The speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/hr.  Driving and drinking are strictly prohibited. The government holds the right to seize the license of drivers found drunk while driving.
What India Can Learn From These Countries: The safety laws applicable in these countries are almost followed in India also. What needs to be done is to strictly implement these laws and punish everyone found breaking these laws despite his position.

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