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Friday, October 28, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Check And Adjust The Wheel Alignment Of Your Car At Home

Check And Adjust The Wheel Alignment Of Your Car At Home

There is a myth among car owners that car maintenance is restricted to only looking after the performance of its engine, air conditioner, infotainment system, regular cleaning, etc.  The maintenance of wheels is almost ignored by almost all car owners, whereas the fact is, wheels constitute an important component of the car which impacts the performance of other components. Especially, if the wheels of your car aren’t properly aligned.
There are lots of people who think that wheel alignment can be done only by expert technicians. The fact is that even a novice can check and adjust the alignment of the wheels in his car by following the simple steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Park your car on a plain surface with tires straighten ahead and the steering wheel positioned in the centre. Now let the front wheels of the car stand properly on the jack and use spray paint to spread it on the tread and rotate the wheel. Rotate the tires at the same speed to ensure the line appears on both tires. Once the line appears evenly on both tires, measure both lines with the help of measuring tape level through the floor. 
Step 2: Move to the rear wheels and measure their level. Make sure that the tape is equal to the level of the ground and placed at the same distance, as it was while measuring its level for the front wheels.  
Checking and Adjusting the Wheel Alignment
  1. Park the car on the plain surface
  2. Ensure the steering wheel is positioned in the centre
  3. Place the front wheels properly on the jack
  4. Use a spray and spread it on the stripe on the tread and rotate the tire at a high speed with your hand.
  5. Follow the same process for another front wheel.
  6. Now measure the difference between their lines with a measuring tape level with the floor.
  7. Do the same process for the rear wheels
  8. Compare the measure of both front and rear wheels.
  9. Finally, move the car back and forth several feet a few times to transfer the adjustment to the tires, then re-measure the toe. Repeat the process until the toe is within the specification.
  10. As a final step, fit the sleeve nuts according to the company setting and finish the adjustment.

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