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Friday, March 08, 2013

By Carkhabri Team

Datsun ready to launch new cars in the Indian market

Datsun ready to launch new cars in the Indian market

Nissan Datsun is ready to launch its new car in the market in the middle of this year. The car is specially designed for Indian market and will be modeled on Nissan Micra. The car according to sources is designed keeping the customers in mind and cost is another important factor that is taken into consideration.  According to Mr. Mr Shiro Nakamura, Chief Creative Officer Nissan the car will be slightly smaller than the previous version. The car will be hatchback like Nissan Micra and would retain the spaciousness and interiors. The look from inside would be the same as its counterpart. The new car is code named as Datsun K2. Despite being modeled on Micra the manufacturers have strong intentions of making the car look different and not just a copy of Micra.

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The quality and durability are the main focus points. Nissan has strong intentions that the brand Datsun creates its own market without Nissan being associated with it. The car is also to be launched in developed markets and not only the developing once this would give an opportunity for the brands to know the taste of different customers. Datsun cars are expected to create their own market and be known for its products. Over a period of time, the car maker will also be increasing the portfolio and this will let it establish itself in some of the popular segments in the Indian car market.
Though the entry of Datsun is considered late and the timing too is considered imperfect as the current market situation is not at all conducive for cars. But as the resurrected car maker wishes to launch small cars in India, it will have little effect of the tax regime currently in force as well as other factors. Also, whatever happens and whatever is the situation, the small car market always flourishes in the country and this is the factor why Maruti and Hyundai have ruled the land for decades now.

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