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Friday, May 31, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Do Not Let The Rains Spoil Your Drive

Do Not Let The Rains Spoil Your Drive

The arrival of monsoon after painful days of hot summer undoubtedly brings the smile and sigh of relief on the face of every person, but at the same time also brings lots of problems, especially the condition of the roads in India are not hidden from anyone. The problem of water clogging not only disturbs the whole traffic of but sometimes also results in long traffic jams due to failure of vehicles due to an excess of water flowing on the road. The situation of water clogging is not less than a nightmare for the car drivers who have to not only struggle with the problem of vehicle failure on the middle of the road, but at the same time there are chances of damage to their car because of water.
Well, anyhow as these situations are beyond our control until unless the local government authorities do not get the infrastructure of their cities planned by the expert engineers, there are some factors or tips which the car owners can keep in concern while driving during the rain or during the monsoon. The major parts of your car which have to struggle during the rain and which need to be paid attention are referred below:
Wipers and Washers: Although the wipers and one of the least used components installed on your car which are used only during the rainy season, but still the blades installed in wipers damage more frequently than other parts. It is therefore recommended to not only get their condition checked properly, but also check their functionality by using them at different options. Also keep the wiper washer bottle filled with sufficient water for cleaning the windshield.
Wipers and Washers
Tyres: If wipers are one of the least used components, then the tyres are the badly used part of the car which has to struggle with all types of environmental conditions. The tread should be strong enough to bear the damaged condition of the road, otherwise there are chances of skidding on the sloping road. Therefore, before going out during the rainy season check the tread and pressure of the tyres, as they lose air pressure during the rainy season.
Protecting the Body from water: It is seen that lots of us do not clean the water of rain and let it dry of its own. Doing this can affect the paint of your car, moreover, there are chances rust layer developing on the other side of the iron sheet. To avoid such problems it is better to apply wax polish on the exterior fascia and the coating of the grease on the interior portion. 
Interior: Sometimes while driving from the water prone areas there are chances of water coming inside the cabin of your car, this can damage the carpet and the flooring. To get rid of this problem try to use set of old mats so that they can soak the water and keep the interiors of your car safe. After parking the car try to keep the gates and windows of the car opened for few hours to control the emergence of fungus.
Wiring: You will agree that water is the good conductor of electricity as there are chances of short circuit due to loose wires getting wet, similarly the wiring of your car is not an exception to it. The wires of car can also result in a short circuit if water enters inside the bonnet during the rain. To control the happening of such incidences it is recommended to check all the wires properly and get them fixed properly so as to minimize any short circuit in your car.
Brakes: Like the engine, brakes constitute an important part of your car that helps in retaining full control over the vehicle while driving. As the road gets slippery during the rainy season it is better to check the condition of brakes and get them repaired or replaced according to their existing condition.
Lights: Finally the last but not the least, check all the lights on both the front and rear portions to avoid any problem while driving during night.

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