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Friday, September 02, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Do You Have These Gadgets In Your Car?

Do You Have These Gadgets In Your Car?

Car manufacturing technology has undergone dynamic changes in recent years.  Cars manufactured today are miles ahead of those manufactured almost a decade back. The concept of self-driving cars and flying car, is soon going to become a reality. In short, the cars we drive today have everything readily available at our fingertips, making our journey safe and comfortable. These cars are equipped with safety and comfort features whether it is the integration of safety features or connectivity with the Internet. We have everything inside our car.
Depending upon your budget you can buy a car of your choice and enjoy the benefits of these features. In case, if you own a car that is not equipped with contemporary features then there are some gadgets that you can keep in your car for use in an emergency. These gadgets can also be used in the cars of today’s generation.
Mobile Holder: Mobile phone has become a necessity of life. There is nothing more painful than seeing the battery of your mobile at zero percentage. However, modern cars have the facility of phone charging directly from the port or wirelessly. In case your car doesn’t have this feature, then you do need to be sorry. Today there are various types of mobile holders with wireless charging facilities available in the market with different price tags. Depending upon your budget you can buy any of them and enjoy the facility of charging your phone wirelessly. The notable feature of this charger is that the hanging wire of your phone will not disturb you while driving.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: It is one of the most beneficial gadgets. The use of this gadget helps in checking the air pressure in the tyres of your car. The device has 4 sensors that are connected to the valve on tyres. These sensors display the tyre pressure on the screen. The use of this gadget is beneficial for car owners who usually forget to check the pressure of car tyres before going anywhere.
Vacuum Cleaner: Cars not only get dirty from the outside but also on the inside.  Especially during the rainy season the dust and other elements are enough to spoil the interior environment of your car. As it is not possible to take every day or weekly, for cleaning, you can clean your car with a portable vacuum cleaner developed strictly for cars.
Tyre Inflator: The use of a tyre pressure monitoring system helps in monitoring the air pressure of tyres. What will happen if you notice the flattened tyre of the car just before leaving for an important official meeting? Interestingly, having a portable tyre inflator will help in filling the pressure in the tyres of your car and not let you postpone the meeting just because of flattening tyres.

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