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Friday, November 26, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

 Do You Know These Car Parking Tips?

Do You Know These Car Parking Tips?

Parking your car safe is as necessary as driving. Unfortunately, most people don't pay attention to safe parking and park their car as they like, without any concern of others. It should be remembered that parking a car safely is not restricted to only parking your car in a dedicated place, but it should be parked in a way that doesn’t disturb others.  
It is the biggest mistake which most car owners do without considering the dangers of wrong parking. So the question arises that what are the dangers of wrong parking and how you can overcome them?
What Are Common Dangers Related to Parking? Normally people drive slowly near-dedicated parking area. It is the place where lots of other drivers also park and move their car, it is surrounded by pedestrians, and even the visibility is also limited in these areas. As people drive slowly in such areas they do not follow any precautionary measures. This ignorance is responsible for accidents during parking. Some of the common parking dangers are:
  1. Driving at high-speed near parking
  2. Ignoring pedestrians
  3. Aggressive approach at parking spots
  4. Not taking care of the people present in parking spots.
Apart from all these dangers, one most danger present at parking places is a distraction. There is a huge segment of car drivers who admit that they are comfortable in using their mobile phones while parking their cars. Some of the activities they perform when parking their cars are:
  1. Talking on phone
  2. Adjusting the GPS of their car
  3. Replying to emails and messages
  4. Using social media
  5. Watching videos or capturing pictures.
These are some reasons for distractions that may result in accidents at the time of parking. To avoid the risks of accidents during parking, follow these tips.
  1. Always be aware of the traffic around you.
  2. Be aware of the pedestrians, especially of the kids, who run around the car and in the surrounding areas.
  3. Stop arguing with others for parking space.   
  4. Don’t disturb or cut the parking sequence try to park properly.
  5. Don’t use a mobile phone while parking for any reason, whether it is talking or texting. 
Other safety features during parking are:
  1. Park your car carefully, and make sure that you have your valuable items in the trunk and they are not visible to anyone.
  2. Lock your car properly so that nobody can unlock it during your absence.
  3. Also, before moving inside your car the next morning, move around the car and ensure that there is nothing on the ground which may damage the tyre of your car.
Epilogue: As a responsible member of society, it is expected of you to be safe and follow the traffic instructions carefully without any damage to others.

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