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Friday, July 10, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Drive Safe During Rain And Stay Safe

Drive Safe During Rain And Stay Safe

The season of rain, the “monsoon” has almost knocked almost all the states of entire India, however, going through the threat of COVID-19 people are scared of enjoying the fun of rains this year to their full swing. But, as the weather is pleasant people are going out for long drives following the guidelines determined by the government. These guidelines are helpful in protecting them from the spread of the coronavirus, but unfortunately not from the impacts of rain while driving, especially when you are driving from the clogged roads. Going through this concern of our readers we are suggesting some tips which should be kept in concern whenever you are stuck in the situation of driving during the rain.
Switching on Headlights: Whether you are driving on a highway or in the urban areas, or hilly areas, always switch on the headlights and parking lights to let the vehicles coming from either side of your car about your presence on the road.
Look Around Your Surroundings: Although driving in rain is fun, this, however, doesn’t mean that you lose control of your emotions and start behaving like a teen-aged youth, driving fast and spraying the water clogged on roads. Doing this not only can damage other vehicles, but also can result in an accident if you could not retain control of your car while driving at fast speed. If the conditions are not suitable to drive, it is better to stay where you are and wait for the water to step down, anyhow, even if you have to drive, be cautious and drive slowly.
Hydroplaning: It is a technical term and happens when the tires of car lose their connectivity with the road due to excessive water flowing on the road, that your car starts sliding. To get through this situation is to minimize the speed of your car to 35 miles per hour, and retain full control on your car. Here, one thing which needs to be paid attention is that do get the condition of your car’s tires checked with the arrival of rains because driving with the damaged tires is riskier during rains. The situation of hydroplaning can happen even when you are driving an SUV, a bus, or a truck.
Merging Lanes: While driving on the highway be sensitive about the merging lanes, as a little mistake can result in a severe accident.
Switch off the cruise-control: If you think that switching on the cruise-control while driving in rain will help you in retaining the steady speed, then you are mistaken. On the contrary, it will increase the speed of your vehicle, if you are stuck in a situation, where your car starts hydroplaning.
So, next time when you go out in rain, keep these simple tips in concern to enjoy the fun of the weather. Stay Safe...!!!

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