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Friday, May 10, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Driving An Automatic Car: Not A Laborious Task

Driving An Automatic Car: Not A Laborious Task

The days have gone back when driving an automatic car was considered as a luxury, because in current scenario going through the increasing population and the number of vehicles on the road,  driving a car with manual gear transmission system is not less than a curse for the drivers. As an impact of this there sales of automatic cars across the world has witnessed a dynamic growth and Indian cities, especially the Tier-1 cities are not an exception to it. 
Anyhow, if you are planning to buy an automatic car as your first car or upgrading to an automatic car from the car with the manual gearbox system, then there some factors which as a driver you should keep in the concern.
1. The most notable change that you will notice while driving an automatic car is that you need not have to make use of your left feet for changing the gears. There is no clutch pedal available inside an automatic car. You will only be required to make use of your right foot for using brakes and accelerator.
2. There are five driving modes “P”, “R”, “N”, “D” and “S” offered in these cars, there are some cars with four modes. The P mode refers to park, the N mode refers to the neutral position where you stop the car for short time, say for instance at the traffic light, the mode D means ready to driver, while the R mode refers to reversing the car. The last mode “S” is not offered on all the cars and is offered as an optional feature that facilitates the driver to drive the car on manual transmission system.
Driving Modes of an Automatic Car
3. Once you switch on the ignition to drive the car it is recommended to keep your feet on the brakes before choosing the D mode for driving. Because, an automatic car creeps forwards immediately as soon as it is ready for drive. If you forget to place your feet on the brakes after the ignition is switched on, it is quite possible that your car might hit the wall or a vehicle standing in front of your car.
4. Although, the option N is meant for bringing the car at the neutral mode while parking it for the short duration like at traffic lights. It is however, suggested to bring your car at the D mode rather than bringing it on the N mode. Because, moving between N and D modes frequently impacts the functionality of the gearbox and increases the chances of damage.
5. Do change the mode from D to N immediately in case if you reverse the car. For this, stop the car properly bring it to the D mode and then shift to the R mode. The same process should be followed while parking the car. Putting the car directly on the P mode at the time of parking without halting it properly can damage the entire gearbox system.
6. Today, going through the technical developments in automatic transmission system, the trend of AMT (automated manual transmission) system is gaining huge popularity among the car manufacturers due to the minimum cost of production. The system facilitates the drivers to shift from automatic transmission system to manual gear transmission system without stoping the car. This although helps in accelerating the speed instantly, but at the same time affects the fuel efficiency. To get rid of this problem, it is advised to use this facility only at the time of overtaking a vehicle on the highway.
AMT Transmission System
7. Finally the last but not the least, while driving across the hills or slope do not shift your car to N mode as it will not only damage the gearbox and can also put your life at the risk.
Epilogue: Driving an automatic car is undoubtedly easy as compared to driving a car with the manual gear transmission system, the only thing which is expected from the drivers is to be careful and follow the proper method of driving.

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