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Friday, November 23, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Driving Habits Which Reveal That You Are A Gentleman

Driving Habits Which Reveal That You Are A Gentleman

It is said that your actions speak a lot about your personality and the type of person hidden behind your face.  An interesting fact about these actions is that at first instance, they seems very normal but play an important role in exhibiting your responsibility towards society. You will agree that driving is one of the common activities performed equally by both the men and women, and there would be hardly any of them who would not be enjoying driving at the high speed on highways or plain roads.
This undoubtedly seems a normal activity, but then, a still mistake is enough to result in an unexpected accident resulting in the loss of life. This where at one side reveals that you are not a responsible person who is not concerned towards his and others safety, and at the same time also exhibits that you are not a law abiding person. Interestingly, this rule applies equally on both the men and women. 
Therefore, now let us have a look on the driving etiquettes which reveal that you are a gentle person.
Putting on seat belts: There are lots of people who while driving on the highways or urban areas feel that as there is no traffic police to check them it is not necessary to put on seat belts. Well, this might surprise you, but doing this, increasing the chances of getting injured in a road accident. The practice of putting on seat belts should not only be strictly followed  by the driver, but also by the co-passengers, as they also get equally injured in the accidents. 
Talking on mobile: Although, the use of mobile phones have played an incredible role in making the communication an easy going process, but at the same time it has also resulted in the emergence of accidents. It is seen that there are motorists who do not hesitate in talking on mobile phones while driving at high speed, by doing they try to exhibit their driving skills in front of their friends. Always, remember, that mobile phones are meant for talking with the other person while you are not at home, it doesn’t mean that you use them while you are doing any work. Using a mobile phone while driving in recent years has emerged as one of the reasons for serious accidents, and therefore, you should try to avoid receiving or making calls while driving. Anyhow, if it is urgent to talk on the phone, park your car at some safe place and then receive or make the call accordingly.
Offering help to other motorists:  Emergency can happen with any person, and you are not an exception to it. The machinery of your can ditch you anytime without any information, sometimes at the place where you do not find any mechanic to rectify the issue. It is the time when you just wish God to come and assist you. Therefore, keeping this thing in concern, it is better to help the motorists whom find struggling on the road side with any such problem. You can either tow their car to the car servicing centre or lift them for hiring any technician to find the issue happening in their vehicle.
Taking care of your car: Undoubtedly, for person, his car is the most expensive asset owned by him and therefore he do not leave any stone unturned towards the safety of his car. But, as the car gets older, there is a decline in their interest towards the maintenance of their car, and they do not pay attention towards the servicing of their vehicle accordingly. This sometimes put them into a huge trouble. To avoid the happening of this problem, it is better to pay proper attention towards the maintenance of your car accordingly.

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