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Friday, October 06, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Driving In The Hilly Area

Driving In The Hilly Area

Being an expert driver you must be aware about the difference of driving on the highway where there three to four lanes and following you’re the path of your lane, on the other side while driving through hilly area where you are surrounded by the mountains and have to cover your journey on through single road where you have to cope with the traffic coming from other side.
 Despite of all these different circumstances driving on both highway and hilly area has their own fun and pleasure. Where on highway you are free to accelerate the speed according your own choice, on the contrary while driving through hilly area you have to keep the speed of your car in control. Although while traveling from hills you have an opportunity of viewing the picturesque view of mountains and greeneries that fall on your way.  But sometimes a little mistake can result in a severe accident especially while moving throughout the hills due to steep and blind curves. It is therefore imperative for you to be cautious while crossing the hills.
Going through the concern of our readers let us point out some factors that one need to keep in concern while he enjoy iconic view of mountains and hills from his car.
1. Curves and Turns: While crossing from mountains you will find plethora of curves and deep turns coming into your way. Crossing these curves where at one side offers an immense fun on the other side it is quite dangerous. The most important are hairpin turns where the roads turns into any of the direction without any prediction. The problem becomes more severe when you have move from such area during the night. To get rid of this problem the best way is to keep an eye on the reflecting lights of trees from which you can get an idea about the vehicle coming from an opposite direction. Apart from this it would be better to keep your speed in control move slowly towards your destination.
2. Snow: Although watching the snow falling on the mountains is quite relaxing and soothing but while driving it can create an obstacle on your way and also disturb the visibility. If you have to move from snowfall prone area it would be better to listen the weather forecast to avoid any unfortunate incidence.
3. Descents: Moving from descents however stops you from accelerating your speed as your vehicle automatically moves ahead due to the slope, but this fun can be dangerous not only for you but the vehicle moving ahead of you or coming from another direction. Because if you fail to retain control your vehicle it is possible that you will hit the other vehicle if you fail to apply brakes on time. One more thing if during any turn if you notice any vehicle coming from another direction, it would be better to let it go first and then move ahead.
4. Climbs: While moving through hills you will find lots of climbs too. The driving becomes more difficult on climbs during rain, snowfall or black ice. It is the situation where the torque of your car plays a greater role. It is therefore advisable to drive with lower gears while moving on the climbs the lower gears have high torque and therefore use of lower gear should be done while driving on climbs.
Hope you would have found these tips useful for driving on hills and will keep them in concern.

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