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Friday, December 20, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Driving Tips For Long Drive During Night

Driving Tips For Long Drive During Night

Going for a long drive is always a moment of fun and pleasure to enjoy with family mainly during the weekend. Going through this practice there are lots of people who have to go out of town for any reason with their family plan to drive in their car, to enjoy the twin benefits of accomplishing their task in another city and enjoy the pleasure of a long drive with their family at the same time.
But, this can be quite risky for you, if the distance that you have to cover is quite long. Because, driving in the night is mostly not recommended due to excess of focus from the vehicles coming from the opposite direction due to which it is difficult to make an idea about their speed and the most important, chances of drowsiness. Anyhow, in case if it is not possible to skip the driving then there are certain tips for you to consider, for reaching safely to your destination.
1. Ask someone who also knows driving to join you: In case if your spouse also knows driving then there is nothing better option for you to go out even at night. In case if she doesn’t know driving, then asking someone from your family who knows driving is always the best option to enjoy the safe driving. Because doing this will not let you feel tired and in case if you get tired due to driving for the long hours, then he can take the responsibility of driving for a few hours.
2. Sleep before the journey: Taking substantial rest is always a good idea to enjoy the chances of drowsiness. In case if you do not get enough time to sleep properly, then also taking a nap for fifteen to thirty minutes will refresh you and do not let you feel sleepy while driving.
3. Taking short breaks: If you have to travel for 400-500 kilometers, then taking the short tea/coffee breaks after a drive of every 70-80 kilometers is always helpful in keeping you energetic and refreshed.
4. Listening to your favorite music: Listening to your favorite music is also an interesting way to keep yourself refreshed and awaken while driving at night. As you remember the lyrics of the songs being played the music system of your car, you keep on singing them and the idea of sleeping does not hit your mind. The only thing, however which you need to keep in concern is not listening to the music which develops the feeling of sleeping.
Key-factors for safe driving during the night
1. Appropriate blood pressure
2. Proper eye-sight and hearing ability
3. The ability to estimate the speed of a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
Stop driving immediately in case:
1. If you are yawning regularly
2. If you that your eyelids are getting heavy
3. If you feel that your head is moving towards another direction
4. In case if you suddenly take your vehicle in another lane.
What to do in any of the above-mentioned situations?
As soon as you feel that you are being caught by drowsiness, search for some safe location and park your car to take a rest for 15-20 minutes. The place where you park the car should be away from the traffic and there should be no one to disturb you. Doing this will offer you relaxation and make you ready for the remaining journey.

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