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Friday, January 20, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Electric Vehicles Battery Recycling: Are Governments Ready?

Electric Vehicles Battery Recycling: Are Governments Ready?

The sales of electric vehicles have dynamically increased since 2019 throughout the world. This is something encouraging news for electric vehicle manufacturers. But the question about which every electric vehicle owner is concerned is the policy of recycling the battery used in these vehicles. At present, lithium batteries are highly used in the development of electric vehicles. According to a report published by Forbes, the demand for lithium will go high up to 1.3 million tonnes equivalent to Lithium carbonate by 2025.
Keeping the dynamic hike in the demand for the hardly found material like lithium, it will be difficult for existing mining operators of lithium to keep pace with the demand. However, there are many ways by which such materials can be recycled. Disposal of these materials without any effective policy can be harmful to the environment. Keeping this factor in concern, recycling these products will not be beneficial to the environment but also for manufacturers. 
With an increasing demand for electric vehicles, battery manufacturing companies are investing a huge amount to upgrade their operators. Electric vehicles can survive under different climatic conditions, but batteries have their limitations. The raw material used to manufacture these batteries is not only difficult to mine but also leaves oxidant waste after processing.
Keeping the increasing demand for electric vehicles, it has become inevitable for governments to determine an eco-friendly policy for recycling or disposal of electric vehicle batteries. Interestingly, the raw materials used to develop these batteries are prone to reuse. 
Recycling of Lithium Electric Batteries in India: According to reports, Attero, the largest Electronic waste management company in the country, started the waste management of EV batteries three years back. The recycling of batteries is a complex matter for the EV industry.  Electric vehicles are more eco-friendly compared to ICE vehicles. However, critics have been questioning on matters like the disposal of batteries can be hazardous to the environment. Before disposal of batteries, Attero withdraws pure battery-grade cobalt, battery-grade nickel, battery-grade graphite, and pure pharmaceutical-grade lithium. Attero is known as a recycling expert of these materials. According to an article published online, it was revealed that Indian battery disposal and recycling industry in India consists of fragments which hardly work as a group.
Bottom Line: Recycling lithium-ion batteries is one of the major questions of concern in front of electric vehicle battery manufacturers. Because if governments are not able to find an answer to this problem, then it will mark a question on the survival of electric vehicles for the environment. 

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