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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

By CarKhabri Team

Electric Vehicles: Needs attention, both from the car manufacturers and the government

Electric Vehicles: Needs attention, both from the car manufacturers and the government

Today, in the time when everyone seeks to get the things done as soon as possible, we are also on one hand looking for the charging of Electric Vehicles (EV) in a précised time span with minimum consumption of money and physical efforts. With the advancement and rapid development, there are many pros and cons we need to concern about. Electric vehicles are the latest innovations at which almost all the auto-grands are currently focusing in order to boost the sales with the hike in fuel prices.  

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No doubt, there are many enthusiasts who have intentions to buy the electric vehicles, but it is the pathetic condition of the domestic infrastructure that hinders them to buy it. Another basic reason for the lack of EV usage in the domestic market can be the mentality of the majority of car buyers who have too much trust on the diesel or petrol vehicles. Furthermore, the automobile manufacturers too are not stressing much on the rapid installations of EV charging stations round the corner. In addition, there is a requirement of installing the fast charging stations to promote the EV market and a country like Japan who is more bothered about the EV has merely 80 such stations.

There are many other reasons why there is not much stress in the domestic auto-market for EVs. The first comes the installation cost which is quite high in the case of EV charging station. Secondly, the available alternatives like the solar charging or wind turbine charging too require a healthy infrastructure that a country like India totally lacks.

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Electric or hybrid cars like Mitsubishi MiEV, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius have though been launched but have not got the deserving response. Although, the automobile units are keen to launch many EV or hybrid products but they too are much concerned that how success these cars are going to be on the domestic market.  The EVs are still not getting a good response from the buyers as the enthusiasts look for a long run product. In the Indian auto-market, Mahindra is the only car maker who has taken the initiative to spread out the EV awareness and catering the best EV cars through its subsidiary EV unit REVA.

It is yet to be seen how further the federal body promotes the EV cars in India and how much they invest on the infrastructure to promote the electric vehicles in the domestic market. Moreover, it will be the auto-grands, who will have to take the first initiative to charge up the government to come forward and create an atmosphere to boost up the EV usage in India.

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