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Friday, July 09, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

eMaas Technology to Revolutionize Indian Traffic System

eMaas Technology to Revolutionize Indian Traffic System

electric Mobility as a Service or eMaaS is a technology that facilitates the users to access to get updated information about different types of transport facilities for planning, booking and making the payment. This technology is similar to a mobile application which is being used in most of the European cities for collecting accurate information regarding the available transport facilities including buses, taxis, and metros. Based on the information available on the application a person can decide his travel program accordingly. Using this application the user can the travel plan between the two points according to his preference. The most important benefit of using this application is that it offers the facility to enjoy smooth travelling without getting stuck in heavy traffic. 
The upcoming eMaaS or Mobility as a Service is an advanced version of this mobile application that aims to offer an ‘eco-friendly’ journey. The eMaaS consists of two main features namely EMS (Electric Mobility Solutions handling the technology and infrastructure part), and SEMS (Shared Electric Mobility Services). The inclusion of both these features can bring a dynamic revolution in the way people in India travel.
However, one thing that needs to be kept in concern regarding the use of this technology in context to India is new. The cab operators like Uber and Ola are some of the highly used applications within the country by millions of people every year. It would be important to relate all types of service providers with eMaaS solutions. 
For the successful implementation of eMaaS technology, it is important to first determine the standards which the service providers should share. Let us for instance speak about the location and SoC details. Normally these details are available with the OEMs, but most of the OEMs hesitate in sharing such information with others due to copyright issues. The best way to cope with this problem is to determine the normal information that can be shared without any hesitation on different platforms. It should also be kept in concern that the shared information doesn’t disclose any type of sensitive information related to the customers. The platform should also provide information like the availability of charging stations and utility companies so that the users can understand the whole pattern and plan their travel plans accordingly.
For the successful implementation of this technology, we need to offer complete protection to the service providers and make sure that the information shared by them is protected. It is believed that this technology will be a boon for the country. Especially when people are shifting towards the use of electric vehicles, this technology will provide accurate information about the availability of the charging station. 

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