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Friday, June 30, 2017

By CarKhabri Team

Enjoy Flawless Driving During Rainy Season

Enjoy Flawless Driving During Rainy Season

Although every season has its own pleasure but when it comes to driving in rainy season it is difficult to depict the pleasure in words, with cool weather and greenery all round, there would be hardly any person who will wish go back to his home at the end of day. Once again the monsoon has knocked the door and is keenly awaited by all the people planning to go for picnic with family and friends. But, enjoying the weather doesn’t means that a person should stop following the necessary precautions because sometimes a little mistake is enough to create a big problem resulting in loss of life or huge financial loss. 
Moreover while you are driving during the rain it is indispensably expected from the driver to keep certain factors in concern so as to avoid any problem, because although driving in rain is a great fun but on the contrary it inevitably invites various problems also if driven improperly. So, what are the factors which a person should keep in concern while driving during the rain?
Driving in Rain
1. Undoubtedly driving in the rain is quite fun but still it would be better for you to plan your travel in such a way that you reach your destination before the light gets switched on in the evening. Even if you are in your city then also try to reach home at the earliest.
2. If you are driving at highway and it is raining heavily it would be better to park your vehicle at some safe place, because visibility during the heavy rain get dimmer and it is not possible to view clearly even when the wipers of your car are working properly. It would be better to park your car away from road side as due to dim light any of the passing vehicles might hit your car.
3. Make sure that the wipers, brakes and tyres of your car working in good condition. More importantly as wipers play an important role in offering clear visibility it would be better to replace the existing wiper blades with the new ones. Similarly the tread of  tyres should be between 2-3 mm. Driving a vehicle below this limit might result in some unfortunate circumstances.
4. Look after the focus of head lights on both high beam and low beam, it would be better to check the brightness of headlamps at both high and low beams. Get the bulbs replaced with the new ones to enjoy clear visibility while driving during rainy night.
5. While driving during the rain it is realized that dust particles get stuck over the windscreen, to clean such particles get the windscreen washer fluid topped every time and keep on cleaning the screen thoroughly. Although use of dark sun film is prohibited in almost every city, but still if you have sun film pasted according to determined standard then it would be better to clean the windscreen with dry newspaper.
6. Checking the rubber beadings/weather strips on the doors so that water do not enters inside the car, because if water enters in your car from any door it will not only spoil the working of central locking system but will also result in emergence of rust and short circuit inside the car.
7. Sometimes due to heavy rains roads at highway block the traffic, in that scenario it would be better to never let the level of fuel tank go below the half mark. Along with this it would be better to carry packets of biscuits and water with you, so as to feed the little ones accompanying you during the travel.
8. Although the first rain brings smile on the faces of every person but on the contrary it also results in emerging of slippery roads, especially the concrete roads get more slippery during the rains. The same is with flyovers and they also become slippery during the rains. It would be better to drive slowly from such areas to avoid any damage to tyres and any accident.
9. Try to maintain significant distance from the vehicle moving ahead as you do not know when the driver of that vehicle might use the brakes of his vehicle. Maintaining distance gives you sufficient time to apply brakes quite early according to the conditions.
10. Keep on using turn indicators frequently. Moreover it would be better to avoid the practice of changing your lane suddenly as it might get your vehicle hit by the fellow vehicle.
11. If there is overflow of water on the road and you are not sure about the depth of water, it would be smarter to go from alternate way, wait for the water to get down. Anyhow if you have to drive from that, switch off the air conditioner. Move the gear in to first position and keep on accelerating the vehicle so that dangerous gases can be easily exhausted from the tail pipe.
12. Keep the windows of slightly opened so that in case if you get stuck in your car, you can shout for help from the commuters. 
Driving a personal car has its own pride and pleasure and presence of pleasant weather undoubtedly enhances you fun, but do not lose your consciousness in excitement.

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