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Monday, November 30, 2015

By Carkhabri Team

Enjoy smooth driving during chilly winter

Enjoy smooth driving during chilly winter

Going for a long drive with family on weekend and having a cup of coffee with hot snacks at highway has its own pleasure but sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstance especially atmospheric conditions you might be deprived from enjoying the fun of your weekend to its full extent. Although driving has its own fun during every season but it is quite difficult to drive during winter season, especially in the areas which are covered with heavy fog. When you are driving through fog at that time not only you have to cope with high beam lights of vehicles but you also have to be cautious regarding the speed of vehicle moving ahead of you. Because finally the keys of your safety lock lies in your hand and driving roughly during fog might get your vehicle hit by fellow vehicle. 
Safety tips for winter Driving
Well winter season has now hit the Indian continent and therefore going through concern drivers during winter let us try to throw light on some factors which should be kept in concern before going out for long drives during chilly winter.
Coolant: It seems there is no need of referring the meaning of coolant in details to anyone who loves and knows about driving. The only thing which needs to be kept in concern about coolant is to check its level of before going out. 
Battery: An interesting feature of battery installed in every vehicle is that it recharges automatically as you drive the vehicle. Suppose if you have not driven your car for a long time say for instance two to three months, then it would be better for you to get your battery recharged and get checked from an expert technician before driving your car out from your garage.
Tyres: Check the conditions of your tyres because finally the tyres have to roll out from all types of roads during different atmospheric conditions. Check the cuts, bulges and various facts associated with tyres along with appropriate tread. If you reside in hilly areas or area where there is huge snow fall than it would be better for you to buy tyres suitable for snowy and hilly areas, because such tyres will help you in retaining appropriate control on your vehicle. 
Wipers: Wipers play an important role while driving during rains and fog. If you find that the wipers of car are damaged than it would be better to get them replace immediately because damaged wipers will not be able to clean your windscreen and they might even get damage when moving them up when there is enough snow on glass. 
Apart from above mentioned precautions it would be better to have a look on below mentioned factors:
  1. Check the brakes;
  2. Defroster;
  3. Heater;
  4. Ignition;
  5. Brake fluid;
  6. Fuel;
  7. Air pressure of tires
  8. Oil; and 
  9. Radiator
The best option would be get your car completely checked by an expert mechanic to enjoy the fun of painless driving during winter.

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