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Friday, October 27, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Factors To Be Considered While Driving A Car With Manual Gearbox System

Factors To Be Considered While Driving A Car With Manual Gearbox System

Do you know your driving skills effect the performance of your car to huge extent? There are lots of people who think that by driving slow they are protecting its machinery from getting damaged and also from getting it hit by fellow drivers. The second though is undoubtedly the best way to protect the aesthetics of your car to certain extent, but the former thought of driving car at low speed adversely impacts it working efficiency rather than protecting its machinery from damage. 
This might surprise you but your driving habits sometimes due to your emotional attachment with the car results in damaging its machinery to some point. On the other side there are some mistakes which are unintentionally followed by the car makers to avoid any damage to the car. Therefore, to protect the machinery of our car let us find out those mistakes which can affect the performance of our beloved car.
1. It is noticed that there are lots of car drivers that have the habit of resting their feet on the clutch pedal, doing this will result in slipping of the clutch and effects its working efficiency. This not only results a decrease in the fuel efficiency but also damages the clutch plate. Along with this there are chances that diaphragm bearing of the clutch pedal may also get damaged due to this.
Clutch Pedal
2. The second driving habit which could harm the mechanism of your car is practice of changing the gear improperly. While you are driving on the highway at high speed on the top gear, it results in saving the fuel at low engine RPM. Although the top speed of the car can be attained only when you change the gears progressively to protect the engine from facing useless pressure. There are two methods by which you pressurize the engine of your car, driving the car at low gear at high speed and the other method is continuously pressing the accelerator even while driving at high speed. The best way is to change the gears accordingly when the indicator reveals you to change the gear.
Improper Gear Changing
3. Sometimes in desire to reach the destination on time lots of car drivers keep park the car at low gear while they to stay on some stop light. Doing this not only consumes useless fuel but also adversely effects the gearbox of your car. Anyhow if it is not possible for you to switch of the engine at the stop light, still it would be better to move the gearbox at neutral position. Doing this will protect the clutch and gear system of your car for long run. 
Stop Light
4. Similarly it is also seen that lots of car drivers have the habit of resting their hand over the gear lever, while they park their car at any point. Doing this, results in the selector fork offered as a supportive item to the gear level, comes in the contact with rotating collar resulting in failure of the selector fork before the time.
Resting Hand on Gear Level Can Damage It
The above mentioned driving habits although at first instance seem quite normal but could be harmful if they are followed for long time. 

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