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Friday, November 02, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Facts Associated With Engine Oil Of Your Car

Facts Associated With Engine Oil Of Your Car

As blood flows across the body and facilitates in the smooth working of different organs, similarly the oil in your car is helpful in lubricating the different components installed inside the bonnet and protects them from overheating. It, therefore, becomes imperative for the car owners to change the oil at regular intervals to let the engine and other components work accordingly, thus enhancing the life of the engine and various parts. 
But, when to change the oil of the car is a matter of concern for most of the car owners, because, there are lots of motorists who despite of driving their beloved car for many years are aware of the facts related to its mechanism. Although depending upon their mark each car maker provides information about the oil changing at the dashboard of the vehicle, but in case if it is not referred on your car, then, it is better to set the reminder for that according to the recommendation made by your mechanic. With this, you can also consult the manual book provided by the car maker regarding the servicing and maintenance of the car.
Therefore, going through the concern of motorists, today, we are bringing the factors associated with the oil changing of their car.
When the oil of car should be changed? It is the main question of concern, about which almost every car is keen to know.  The best answer to this question in simple words is reading the owner’s manual provided by the car maker. In this regard, here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here is that never depend on the recommendations made by your mechanic, because there are lots of mechanics who desire of making instant money from their clients, recommend to change the oil of car only after drive of a few kilometers. However, going through this problem, nowadays, various car makers are offering inbuilt alert system, which alerts the owners about a specific service and maintenance. 
changing the oil
How many miles a car should be driven before changing the oil? As a general practice, the mechanics recommend changing oil after the drive of every 3,000 miles or after every three months. However, going through the technical developments across the world in the techniques of car making, most of the car maker recommends changing the oil after driving between 7,500 miles and 10,000 miles or after one year, since you got the car serviced.
changing the oil-1
Check the level of oil: Checking the level of oil once in a month is also a good practice to make as sure about any type of misguidance by the car mechanic. Interestingly, today, the cars are equipped with electronic meters that keep on revealing the information about the level of oil present in the oil tank of your car.
Check the level of oil
Keeping these factors will help you in not only protecting yourself from the threats made your car mechanic about the oil change, but also help in enhancing the life of your car’s engine according to its requirements. 

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