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Friday, August 18, 2017

By Carkhabri Team



Driving a vehicle on the road has undoubtedly its own pleasure and fun which makes you realize that you are responsible person and little mistake by you might result in loss of somebody’s life. It is because of this obtaining driving license from local transport is necessary for driving or riding any vehicle on the road. The license allows the owner to drive and ride that vehicle on road according to traffic rules and road signs.
With India being the third largest road network across the world, thousands of vehicles running on the roads every day it becomes imperative for people to drive their vehicles following the roads signs. But unfortunately in desire of reaching at their destination at the earliest lots of drivers and riders ignore those roads signs and face the accidents. This is mainly because of our unawareness towards those roads signs.
Going through this reason today we are highlighting few of the roads signs which should be followed while driving on the road.
1. Speed limit: Driving any vehicle at high speed is fun for lots of drivers, but as excess of everything is harmful so is with driving speed also. Going through the traffic scenario of the roads speed limit indicators are placed at different crossings of the road, so that your speed should not make harm to anyone. It is therefore necessary for everyone to follow speed limit instructions according to the road.
Speed Limit Sign
2. Hospital: Hospital is the place that is overcrowded throughout the day with lots of patients coming and going from hospital. Driving vehicle at fast speed and blowing horns near hospital disturbs the patients. The board of hospital is an indication that you should drive your vehicle within the limits while crossing the hospital.
Sign of Hospital
3. Pedestrian crossing: Also referred as zebra crossing is mainly developed for the commuters to cross the road while there is heavy traffic on the road. While driving whenever you see the pedestrian or zebra mark and notice any commuter crossing the road stop your vehicle and let him cross the road first and then move ahead.
Pedestrain Crossing
4. Give way: Give way is an indication which warns the driver about the crossing coming ahead, where he might have to stop his vehicle and let the vehicle coming from opposite direction move ahead in its desired direction.
Give Way Sign
5. No parking: It is seen that lots of people park their vehicles at the place that is meant for public use. To stop parking in such areas No Parking boards are displayed. A smart driver never parks his vehicle at the place where he notices any such board.
No Parking Zone Sign

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