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Friday, January 11, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Generation Next Safety Features: Extending The Dimensions Of Travelling Safe In A Car

Generation Next Safety Features: Extending The Dimensions Of Travelling Safe In A Car

In recent years, integration of the safety features in the car has been at the front of every car manufacturer, especially after strict directions by the governments of different countries regarding the integration of certain features as the standard in the cars manufactured by them. Going through this necessity the car manufacturers are focusing on the integration of various new features that are helpful in enhancing not only the level of safety features but at the same time also offering comfort driving and traveling experience to the passengers. As an impact of today, we are going to discuss some of the new safety features that are going to enhance the level of safety in cars in the coming years.
Let us have the look for new safety features that are expected to provide complete safety to the drivers of the next generation.
Forward Collision Warning Alert: You will agree that driving at highway is always a pleasant experience with limited traffic, but at the same time can be a  nightmare, if you are not aware or alert, especially if the vehicle suddenly slows or stops in between, without indicating the braking or parking lights. To protect both the cars the forward collision warning system will let the driver alert know about any such happening. Integration of this feature will act as extra eyes to protect the accident.
Forward Collision Warning Alert
Blind Spot Monitoring: Similar to the forward collision warning system, the blind spot monitoring system will scan the rear corners of the vehicle and enlighten the side mirrors of your car as soon as it finds your car stepping the blind zone.
Automatic Emergency Braking: It is reported that integration of this feature is going to become standard in all cars and light trucks from 2022. If the vehicle recognizes any chances of an accident, it will automatically apply the brakes for controlling and minimizing the impacts of the accident.
Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Sometimes there is a situation when you have to reverse beyond the space determined for the parking. The integration of rear cross traffic alert will detect the vehicle that might fall on your way while reversing. There are different names like moving object detection, rear traffic alert or rear cross path detection by which this system is recognized.
Rear Crossing Alert
Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist System: The problem which almost every driver faces while driving at long distance is drowsiness, due to which sometimes the vehicle drifts to another lane. The land departure warning system will warn you, as soon as it notices that you are moving away from your lane and intruding the lane that is not determined for you.
Adaptive Cruise Control: Integration of this system allows you to determine the cruise control at a particular speed, after that if you extend the speed of your vehicle or some other vehicle tries to overtake your vehicle, the system will automatically apply the brake and slow down the speed of your car and maintain adequate distance between the vehicles.
Adaptive Cruise Control System
The integration of these features along with the existing one are believed to extend the standards of safety level while driving, thus offering complete security to the passengers.

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