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Friday, May 18, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Get Compensation Up-to Rs. 5 Lakh In Case Of Road Accident

Get Compensation Up-to Rs. 5 Lakh In Case Of Road Accident

The name of an accident in itself is threatening and creates various doubts in the minds of people whose family members have faced it. Therefore, whenever any accident takes place, people are keen to know more about the victims rather than damage to the vehicles. Because damage to the vehicles can be compensated by the insurance company, but damage to the life cannot be compensated by anything. But, surprisingly, despite of various measures adopted by the government’s of different countries across the world, none of the government has succeeded in minimizing the number of accidents.
India is also not an exception to it. According to the statistics revealed the department of road and transportation there is regular hike in the number of deaths taking place on the Indian roads every year. This undoubtedly is a matter of serious concern and some strict action plan needs to be taken in this direction not only in terms of making people aware about their driving and riding style, but also in terms of providing financial support to the victims. Because sometimes it is seen that the financial condition of the victims was not good and they were not the culprit for the happening of an accident but still have to undergo its serious impacts.
Victim Of A Road Accident
Interestingly, going through the concern of such persons the government of India has decided to increase the financial compensation to the victims of road accidents between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakh. According to reports the victims of death will be given the compensation up-to Rs. 5 Lakh to provide financial help to his family. Similarly, the victims suffering from any type of permanent physical disability will be given the financial compensation between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakh. Along with this government has also made a provision of making an increase of 5% every year in the amount of compensation given to the victims of road accidents.
It would be important to know that despite of making people aware about the drawbacks of an accident there are lots of people who still do not put on helmet, seatbelts while riding and driving. Along with this it is also seen that lots of people face accident due to over speed, breaking the signals, drunk while driving etc.

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