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Friday, January 12, 2018

By Carkhabri Team

Glimpse of Plug-in Vehicle Sales Throughout The World During 2017 H1 + July, August

Glimpse of Plug-in Vehicle Sales Throughout The World During 2017 H1 + July, August

In recent years concern for plug-in vehicles has flourished across the world and all countries are concentrating towards the use of electric vehicles and are planning to completely eliminate the use of vehicles running on fossil fuels in coming years. But, will plug-in vehicles will be able to emerge as the best substitute of vehicles running on fossil fuels and enjoy the same success, because still there are lots of countries where due to lack of clear policy by ruling government there is question behind the success of these vehicles. 
Anyhow if we look back towards the existence and sales of such vehicles in global market the results are quite encouraging, especially with China emerging as the fast growing market of such vehicles. The sales of plug in vehicles in global market till August 2017 were more than 6,49,00 units, which was 46% higher than the number of vehicles sold during the same period in 2016. The overall sales includes the sale of both pure electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicles including light trucks and light commercial vehicles in Europe. 
Interestingly among different vehicles Toyota Prius Prime the plug-in hybrid vehicle emerged as the best selling vehicle in Japan. Although the sales of these vehicles witnessed decline in European markets during the month of August, but due to sustainable growth in Chinese, Canadian, and South Korean market succeeded in retaining the pace of sales. However, in coming months it is believed that US car market will see dynamic growth especially with the sale of Tesla Model 3 and with launch of cars like Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf.
Future of plug-in vehicles: If we look to the sales data of the year 2017 we will see that the sales in increased triple in 2017 since the introduction of these vehicles back in 2013. Moreover the growth of 42% develops the hope that by 2030 8 vehicles out of 10 would be plug-in hybrids. This at present however seems like a dream but not impossible to attain the objective by 2030.

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