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Friday, April 21, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Glorious Heritage of Tata Cars (Part- IV)

Glorious Heritage of Tata Cars (Part- IV)

Despite of the fact that last few years have not be less than nightmare for the domestic car maker Tata Motors, despite of hard endeavors made by it, there have been some products which have emerged as the legendary names in Indian car market. An interesting fact about these vehicles is that they have succeed in winning the hearts of a specific segment and are still highly acclaimed by them despite of new products in the same segment. Let us for instance say the name SUMO which since its inception has been the symbol of power and performance and highly preferred by the buyers in rural areas. So now without wasting much of time let us have a glimpse of few more vehicles launched by the Tata Motors holding the flag of its glorious history without any effect of varied conditions.

1. Tata Sumo Grande: For generation next car enthusiast’s name of Sumo Grande might be the name which made its debut in auto world nine years back in 2008 and which is empowered with 2200 cc DICOR Engine (Direct Injection Common Rail Engine) and boosts the power of 120 bhp. But, do you know that the foundation of Sumo brand was laid almost 23 years back in 1994, when first generation of Sumo was launched as a ten seater Jeep. It was developed on car maker’s pick-up platform and was empowered with 1948cc normally aspirated diesel engine, which in later years was upgraded with an offer of turbocharged diesel. The success of Tata Sumo can be witnessed from the fact that within the span of three years from its launch company sold out 1,00,000 units.

Encouraged from the success of Sumo, Tata Motors launched its new version christened as Tata Sumo Sapcio in the year 2000. It was empowered with 2956 cc Direct Injection Diesel Engine and also enriched with some interesting features like longer wheelbase, improved rear axle and tires for offering enhanced fuel efficient figures and the notable change in form of round headlamps rather than rectangular headlamps.

Glorious Heritage of Tata Cars

In the year 2004 Sumo, underwent vast changes in form new features along with new identity as Tata Sumo Victa. Under the hood it continued the existing engine configuration of Sumo Spacio but embellished the then contemporary features in form of power steering, multifunctional instrument panel, tachometer, key-less entry, power windows and many more. Interestingly after three years in 2007, Tata launched the new version of Sumo as Sumo Gold with new indigenous CR4 Engine that was capable of boosting the power of 85 PS and torque of 250Nm.

With this in the later months of 2007, Tata introduced the upgraded version of Spacio as Sumo Victa DI, the vehicle was developed by outsourcing features of both Spacio and Victa. But, it seems Tata did not wanted to stop with all these achievements enjoyed by the Sumo brand and therefore again in 2008 it brought Sumo Grande with new engine configuration of 2200c DICOR engine boosting the power 120 bhp.

2. Tata Tiago: Promoted as It’s #Fantastico, Tiago is considered as the fortune changer for the car maker that was launched in 2016. Offered in both petrol and diesel disguises empowered with 1.2 litre three cylinder Revotron engine boosting the power of 84 bhp and torque of 114Nm followed by 1.05 turbocharged diesel engine that boosts the power of 70 bhp and torque of 140Nm. Both the engines are mated with five speed manual gearbox. Recently, the Tiago hatchback has been offered in automatic gearbox also.

3. Tata Tigor: The recent initiative by domestic car maker has made its debut in Indian car market just couple of weeks  back on March 29, 2016. Mechanically, the Tata Tigor outsources the same engine configurations of 1.2 litre petrol boosting the power of 85 PS and torque of 114Nm as offered in Tiago hatchback along with 1.5 litre diesel engine churning the power of 70 PS and torque of 140Nm. Both the engines are mated with five speed manual gearbox system.

4. Tata Xenon XT: It basically is pick-up vehicle that is empowered with 2.2 litre DICOR diesel engine with displacement capacity of 2179cc and capable of boosting the power of 138.08 bhp and the torque of 320Nm.

Tata Xenon Yodha: On January 3, 2017 domestic car maker the refreshed version Xenon XT as Xenon Yodha and appointed Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador, because of the powerful characters played by him, which are replica of the power delivered by the Xenon Yodha. It is energized by 4 SP TC 4 Cylinder engine generating the power of 85 bhp and torque of 250Nm.

5. Tata Zest: Launched back in 2014 the compact sedan Zest is enriched with 1.2 litre Revotron petrol engine while the diesel with 1.3 litre Quadrajet engine. The petrol variant is mated with five speed manual gearbox system while the diesel along with five speed manual gearbox system is also mated with F-Tronic automatic transmission system.

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