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Friday, February 19, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Guide To Sell The Used Car

Guide To Sell The Used Car

The dream of driving a personal car is not big anymore in the current scenario, due to various financial schemes offered by the financial institutions. On the contrary, what has become more important in the current scenario is upgrading the existing car with a new car launched in the market embellished with extra features. This has resulted in the emergence of a new segment in the market, which is known as “Used Car Market”.  In recent years this segment of the market has flourished at the jet dynamic speed with several car owners selling their existing cars with a new car.
But how to sale the existing car is a matter of concern for most of them because everyone is interested to sale his car at a competitive price so that the money received from it can be used in buying the new car. If you are also going through the same problem then below are some tips that will guide you in selling your existing car at your desired price.
Know the Market Value Of the Car You Own: It is one of the important points for you to consider at the beginning as soon as the idea of selling your current car comes to your mind. Doing this will help you in assessing the true value of your car. It is seen that some car manufacturers phase out their newly launched cars after three to four years because of their poor performance. If unfortunately you also have the car of same make then despite being in the condition it will be able to grab the attention of the new buyers. Knowing the market value of your car helps in knowing its present demand in the market.
Complete the Papers: Once you have known the existing value of your car, the next step is to collect all the papers starting from the purchase of your car to its present Insurance and pollution test in a file. Doing this will help the prospective buyer know the actual age of your vehicle and its existing condition. If possible also try to keep the bills of repairs and the parts replaced during the years to let the new buyer assured about its condition.
Keep the Car Clean: It is said that the first impression is the last, the same law applies when you sale your used car in the market. Remember that as you get impressed by a clean and shining car, similarly the buyer of your car will also get impressed by the car which looks good in condition. Do not forget that for him it will be his first car and therefore he will not prefer any type of flaw in that. It will be better to get the car washed and cleaned by an expert technician.
Advertising in the Local Newspaper and Online Platform: Although nowadays going through the increasing trend of buying the used cars most of the car dealers are having a separate outlet for such cars where the existing owners of their cars sold by them can resale their car. Besides this, you also have an option of publishing its advertisement in the local newspapers and online platform. While doing this make sure to display a clear picture of your car from all the angles, so that the prospective buyers can assess its existing condition.
Handing Over the Papers to the New Buyer: If there is any payment due on your car it is recommended to clear it first and then sale the car. While negotiating for the prices, don’t get agree on the price that you are being offered by the new buyer, on the contrary go for the justified bargaining. You can ask for the payment according to your convenience either through cheque of cash. It will be better to receive the payment in cash, as there are chances that the second buyer has no balance in the account and hands you the cheque which gets returned by the bank.
These are some simple tips which you should keep in concern while selling your existing car.

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