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Friday, October 23, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Guide To Sell Your Used Car At Desired Price

Guide To Sell Your Used Car At Desired Price

When a person sells his old car his heart is filled with dual feelings. At one side he is happy to bring a new car to drive, on the other side he feels sad about selling his beloved car to another user. With these mixed feelings, he is also concerned about receiving the expected money for selling his old car so that it can be used for buying the new one. For this, it is necessary to take out time from your schedule and deal with all the matters personally. Doing this will not only help you in getting the expected price of your used car but will also protect you from being misguided by a mediator. If you are also buying a new and looking to sell your existing car, then below are some points which you should consider to get the true value of your car according to your expectations.
  1. Look for the mechanical issues: Undoubtedly the feelings are high when a person buys a new car, but it doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention to your old car and sale it in its existing condition. Remember, maybe for you, it is now no more important but for the buyer, it is as important as important is a new car for you. When he is ready to pay the money asked by you, then in return he also expects to buy a car that is in good working condition and doesn’t suffer from any type of mechanical issues. Moreover, as you are interested to receive the expected value of your car, then you should look after its proper maintenance and try to fix the mechanical issues before selling.  
  2. Fix Mechanical Issues.  A car buyer’s number one priority is getting a mechanically sound car that has been well-serviced and maintained. Any mechanical issues that aren’t fixed in advance of a sale may scare away buyers altogether and will invite lowball offers that overestimate the cost of fixing the mechanical issue. If there are issues that you choose not to fix, at least get estimates for the repair so that you can educate the buyer on the magnitude of the issue.
  3. Keep the service record updated: Maybe you are aware of when you got your car serviced and any repair work is done on it. But another buyer will be interested to know its details, as this will help him in assessing the cost of extra repairs or any other type of service to be conducted in the car next time. Doing this will also help in determining the cost of car demanded by you. 
  4. Get the pollution and safety check-ups conducted on time: Before selling your existing car it is imperative to get its pollution and safety measures to check accordingly. Make sure that your car is emission-free and all of its safety features brakes, lights, horn, tires, etc are in good working condition. Also, make sure that all the necessary fluids are updated. Doing this will make the new buyer assured about the performance of your car.
  5. Photographs: Nowadays everything is done online, before coming to your place for checking the condition of the car, the new buyer will be interested to have its first glimpse through photographs. For this, it will be better to capture as muc as pictures of both the exteriors and interiors from different angles revealing the true condition of your car. The best time to capture the beautiful and clear images is during the late afternoon.
  6. Cleanliness: If you park your car out of your house, then it is better to clean it at least once a week to remove the dust. Doing this helps in retaining the original shine of your car and also reveals the importance of the car in your life, and your attachment towards it. 
  7. Impressive description: The first impression is the last, today as mentioned above everything is done online. Along with displaying the pictures of your car on any of the portals where you are advertising your car, also try to write its short and impressive description so that new buyer gets excited to know more about it.
  8. Reply immediately to queries: As soon as you receive any call or an email regarding the purchase of your car try to reply it immediately. Because on online portals you are not only the alone seller, there are lots of other sellers too, and so are the buyers. Replying immediately to query will provide you with an opportunity to sell your car before the buyer thinks for another car.
Keeping these eight tips in concern will help you in getting the true value of your car and use that money as additional support for buying the new car.

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