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Friday, June 07, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How Keeping A Water Bottle In A Car Could Be Dangerous?

How Keeping A Water Bottle In A Car Could Be Dangerous?

This might surprise you, but keeping a water bottle in the car can put your car on fire. Till now you would have read and seen the warning of not leaving the pets and little children alone in a locked car, especially during the days of summer. Well, this is could be undoubtedly surprising for everyone, because carrying a water bottle during the summer days is a normal practice followed  by all of us. But, now according to recent media reports keeping a water bottle in a hot car is extremely dangerous, even if you have placed below the seats, or covered in a towel or a piece of cloth, etc. Recently, lots of videos have surfaced online and different channels regarding the dangers associated by keeping the water bottle inside the car.
The problem actually happens due to the sunshine that crosses the bottle which works like a magnifying glass directing a beam of sunlight on a particular area, if the ray of sunlight hits continuously to that particular area it sets the fire. According to experts keeping the water bottle of plastic in the direct sunlight for the long time increases the level of bisphenol A which is released by plastic into the water. As an impact of this exposing the water bottle under extremely hot temperature generates the fire flames, thus putting the car on fire.
How to control the emergence of such accidents? The best way to combat with this problem is to carry the bottle with yourself as soon as you come out of your car. Anyhow, if it is not possible for you to carry the bottle, try to keep it safely under the seat where the sunlight could not penetrate the bottle from any side.
Is it safe to drink the water from the bottle kept in the car? An answer to this question in simple is of-course not, because the level of bisphenol A in the bottle of plastic increases. The water bottle kept at the temperature at the temperature of 70 degree Celsius is harmful to the health. When you park the car directly under the sunlight, the temperature inside the car increases up-to 78 degree Celsius and badly impacts your health.

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