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Friday, May 01, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

How the Keyless Entry System In Car Works?

How the Keyless Entry System In Car Works?

Nowadays the feature of keyless entry has become the necessity of time, especially when most people have the habit of forgetting their keys in the car or misplacing somewhere. Today most of the top variants launched in the upcoming cars are equipped with this feature, facilitating the car owners to unlock their car with a short-range remote transmitter.
Working of the keyless entry system: The system has mainly two components one which is installed inside the car known as receiver or module and the other one is a remote transmitter that is owned by the car owner. Whenever a person has to unlock his car, the remote transmitter uses the radio frequency signal to module or receiver in an encrypted format to lock and unlock the car accordingly.
Keyless Entry System
Apart from this, there is one more type of keyless entry system that allows you to unlock your car without even using the remote transmitter. An interesting feature of this system is that as soon as you come inside the radius of your car it automatically unlocks the doors. The car owner has just to keep a key ring in his pocket and whenever you are at the distance of five feet away from your car, its doors get unlocked for you to move in.
Difference between the Keyless entry system offered by OEM and purchased from the market? The major difference between the keyless system installed by the OEM and purchased from the market is of working efficiency. The system installed by the OEM has a one-way key feature that allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle when you reach within the determined radius. However, the system confirms the accomplishment of the operation accordingly.
On the other side, the system purchased from the market is benefitted with the 2-way system and facilitates you to access the status of your vehicle, even when you are sitting inside your office or home. Thus, ensuring that your vehicle is locked properly.
It would be interesting to know that the keyless system available in the market have been upgraded and facilitates the user to control the locking system of the car through their smartphone. The most important benefit of having this keyless entry system in your car is that during the whole process whenever you lock and unlock your car, the commands are sent through the cellular network, thus you can perform both the functions without any concern of range limitations that means even from your home or vice-versa.

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