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Friday, January 24, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

How To Adjust The Rear-View Mirror In Your Car?

How To Adjust The Rear-View Mirror In Your Car?

Integration of the rearview mirrors constitute an important component of your car from the safety point of view, but it is seen that some drivers ignore the use of these mirrors while driving. Whereas, integration of these mirrors is as important as the integration or the traction control system or airbags. If you also have the habit of ignoring the use of rearview mirrors then it is advised to start using them, as ignoring their use may anytime result in the huge loss. Below are some factors to consider for positioning the rearview mirrors of your car to enjoy the clear visuals.
Rear View Mirror
The objective of Central Rear View Mirror: The main objective of the central rearview mirror is that it gives a clear view of the objects from the rear windscreen. Therefore, the mirror should be adjusted in such a way that the driver does not need shifting his head back to see the things happening behind the car and views them directly from the mirror.
Understanding the Mirror: Normally there is a statutory warning mentioned on the rearview mirrors stating, that “OBJECTS ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR IN THE MIRROR". To get the optimum visualization to adjust the mirror before driving and get assured that you can view the surroundings behind your car clearly when it is parked. It is the first thing to do as soon as you sit on the driver seat.
Adjusting the Mirror: Do not touch the glass of mirror with fingers while adjusting its direction, as doing this might leave scratches and smudges of fingerprints on the glass. Placing the thumb or fingers in the center of the glass impacts the visibility. There are lots of countries across the world, where your car might flunk due to improper visibility of the rearview mirror while driving. 
ORVM: To adjust the outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs) keeping your head straight, adjust the mirror of the right side of the driver side in such a way that it covers the whole area of the road, and only some portion of your car is visible. The left side of the ORVM should be also adjusted in the same way. In case, if any of the ORVMs get broken, get it repaired immediately on the priority basis.
Clarifying the Blind Spots: While installing the rearview mirrors, go for the “Blind Spot Mirror”. These are the convex mirror that gives the fish-eye view of the objects hidden while moving across the blind spots falling between the sides of your vehicle. You can get them installed from any of the car accessories shops.

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