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Friday, November 22, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How To Change The Flat Tire?

How To Change The Flat Tire?

Getting stuck on the roadside to change the flat tire is one of the irritating tasks, which every car owner tries to avoid. But, a little pin is enough to spoil the fun of your long drive during a pleasant holiday. It is the time when you pray for someone to help you or pray that such incidents do not happen with you or even if it happens it should be close to some car repairing shop. This, however, doesn’t mean that you do not know the method of changing the tire, the problem is the marks of dust and oil on your hands can leave their impression on neat and clean outfits. Whereas the fact is that changing a flat tire is quite easier and fun in itself, the only thing you need to do is to always be prepared for the situation.
So, let us now began our operation of changing the tire.
1. Search the stable place: The most important thing you need to do is searching a stable and flat surface to park your vehicle, as soon as you notice about the puncture. Because driving for a long distance with a flat tire can damage its tube.
2. Apply the parking brake: Apply the parking brake and put the car in either first or reverse gear, if you have a car with a manual gear transmission system.
3. Place heavy objects: After you have parked your car properly, put two hard objects like a stone or a brick in the front and back of the flattened tire.
4. Spare tire and jack: Bring out the spare tire and jack from your car to replace the flattened tire.
5. Place the jack: Place the jack close to the flatten tire and keep on moving it upwards until the tire reaches the sufficient height suitable to remove it. Also, make sure that the jack is placed perpendicular to the surface.
6. Remove the caps: Remove the caps installed on the rim of the tire by using a wrench. To remove the caps use the wrench that has been offered by the OEM. Because each tire has a particular wrench for removing it.
7. Remove the flatten tire: Once you have removed all the caps, it is time to remove the damaged tire. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned more importantly is that removing the flatten tire doesn’t mean to keep it away from the car, but placing it below the car is the wise way to protect yourself from any type of unexpected injury, in case if your car slips due to misplacement of the jack.
8. Placing the spare tire: After removing the tire, you are only two steps from moving ahead to your journey by placing the spare tire taken out from the boot lid.
9. Tighten the bolts: Tighten the bolts that you have removed while bringing out the flattened tire.
10. Pull down the jack: Once you have tightly placed the bolts, it is the time to pull down the jack and bring the car down to the flat surface.
So, now next time, if the tire of your flatten does not irritate and just try to find the safe and surface place to replace it, as driving the car for long-distance with such tire, can damage the tube and rim of your car.

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